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    This one can be yours now for $1,000 shipped PP F/F or plus fees. You will NOT be disappointed! In fact, you’ll be blown away when you plug into this secret!

    This amp is the answer for those that love the tube amp tone but want something a little more portable and easy to carry around. Truly awesome as a pedal platform, nothing but headroom.

    • 200 watt class D power section.
    • 12AX7A preamp tube running in true high voltage design for real tube sound. (most amps of this design actually use a low voltage to the tube and use other circuitry for the sound produced)
    • Bass, Treble, Midrange controls. Frequencies and controls are reminiscent of vintage American tube amps.
    • Real spring reverb that sounds incredible.
    • Comes with a padded cover

    This is a very high quality, hand-built boutique amp that retails at $1200 and is built to order.

    There are some demo videos here:

    Centauri Hybrid - Raezer's Edge (

    And here's a quick video I did with a semi-hollow neck humbucker vol and tone wide open (honestly, the sound in the room is much better and the reverb isn't as pronounced or lush in the video as it can be live).

    Controls as you see them are left to right: Vol, Treble, mid, bass and reverb.

    This is a hybrid combo. Mostly Solid State but with three major factors that really set it apart and give it a true “tube amp” tone, response and feel:

    1) a 12ax7 in high voltage in the preamp
    2) an actual spring reverb tank
    3) an open-back 1x12 cabinet configuration

    Traditional TMB stack, volume and reverb controls make it so simple to get a variety of tones from fat jazz to scooped blackface. Virtually unlimited clean headroom down to whisper quiet. Full-band volume and projection at about 4 on the volume knob. This will leave most "clean" amps in the dust (and absolutely SMOKES the Quilter Aviator Cub), and it’s 26 lbs. Imagine tone like the best boutique cleans you’ve ever dreamed of at ANY volume.

    Raezer's Edge Centauri Hybrid 1x12 combo MINT-img_1521-jpegRaezer's Edge Centauri Hybrid 1x12 combo MINT-img_1519-jpegRaezer's Edge Centauri Hybrid 1x12 combo MINT-img_1522-jpegRaezer's Edge Centauri Hybrid 1x12 combo MINT-img_1518-jpegRaezer's Edge Centauri Hybrid 1x12 combo MINT-img_1520-jpegRaezer's Edge Centauri Hybrid 1x12 combo MINT-img_1523-jpegRaezer's Edge Centauri Hybrid 1x12 combo MINT-img_1521-jpeg

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