Selling this one with a somewhat heavy heart because I know I’ll miss it. But I can’t keep all of them, have to thin the herd a little. I hope it will find a new owner who will do it justice. PM me if you’re interested.

Eastman Romeo thinline archtop.
Note: this is NOT the similar-looking Romeo California model!
Solid carved spruce top. Lollar pickups. All the specifications can be found here.
I bought this guitar new, about a year ago, in a well-known Dutch store. Comes in its original case and all accessories. It’s only been used at home and in excellent condition (quite literally as good as new).
Plays like butter even with .012s, with super-low action and almost ruler-straight neck. Very stable, holds its tuning very well. A very light-weight guitar and its modest dimensions make it very comfortable. This is one of the few solid-top archtop guitars out there that will fit into gig-bag, if you prefer that over its hardshell case.

Sound & utility
This is a very versatile guitar that quite literally suitable for anything except shred or Meshuggah. Obviously it’s great for jazz and it offers a new voice that no other archtop offers. Whether or not you like the way it sounds is personal, but the guitar has been very positively reviewed. I feel that this video is a really good representation of what it sounds like:

It can rock, too. Power chords sound huge with it and it loves gain.

Price & shipping
This is a private sale without warranty and without a return policy.
A new Romeo retails for around €2600 and that’s what I paid for mine. I’m asking €2000 for it, excluding shipping.
I will ship the guitar, at buyer’s risk. Shipping costs are not included. It will be shipped in its hardshell case, which will be put in a cardboard box and padded with bubble plastic.