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    It seems to me that guitarists often think too much about modifying their guitars instead of practicing on them. I suffer from this too.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    One surefire way to make your guitar sound better - practice more!

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    There is nothing wrong with flipping through PUs until you find ones that will do what you want.

    What ever gets a person playing and/or happy is good in my book.

    I do think sometimes it is easy to focus on the gear instead of working on adaptability or technique.

    Ultimately who cares, we should be having fun, connecting with others, building respectful relationships, maybe making some money, and maybe one day creating some art.

    Eventually, it is how we connect with others that really matters. Everything else is an illusion. (I can go into a long definition of that. I would deal with issues including: ego, id, Thanatos, Eros, trauma, structures, but I like to keep it simple. I think that is how people make decisions. It is always best to be honest with oneself).