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    I just shave with hairclippers with no guard once a week and go with stubble. I don't like shaving and I don't like the look of a full beard or clean shaven so I go with stubble. Also, the ploy to make you buy new blades every few weeks is ridiculous to me. Like there's no way technology can solve that. I only use a manual shaver every now and then if I need to be clean shaven and never buy them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ukena
    No one's coming to take away anyone's facial hair.
    Heh, that's the problem. They could have it all if they didn't have to come back for it

    Quote Originally Posted by jazzshrink
    For those of you who avoid shaving at all costs, may I suggest the Bond method:
    Not sure how that outweighs any costs, plus it looks very uncomfortable for both parties (try getting the right angle with the blade in that position).

    Getting rid of facial hair without shaving can be done with sufficient success (in my book) using a trimmer without comb. Fast, efficient, and little to no irritation at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 339 in june
    Am I the only one who, seeing the thread title, has thought that Ukena just received a Blade RH4 and was ready to share his first impressions with us?
    At first, especially when Dr. Jeff said he has a Gillette Fusion, but I didn't think they made guitars.... if they did, I bet they'd be really sharp!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fep
    That's a good way of looking at it that I can agree with.

    I also enjoy shaving. I go for the wet shave with shaving soap or cream, shaving oil, a bowl and brush, warm lather, an old school double edged safety razor, alum block, and shaving balm. It's a ritual.

    The multiple blade disposable razor cartridges are a profit driven misleading marketing campaign. The old fashion double edge razers are better for your skin and you can get a better barber shop quality shave with them but there is a little bit of a learning curve to them. Also, the double edge blades are better quality steel.

    I change my blades after about 3 shaves and a I shave about every 3 days (the blades will last much longer but they are so inexpensive that I change them frequently anyways). 100 quality blades can be purchased for about $10 and that will last me over 2 years. I like the Astra Super Platinum blades. I use a Rockwell 6c razor which lasts for a lifetime.
    Absolutely. Good face wash, pre-shave oil, heavy warm lather (I combine soap and cream for an uber-lather), and yes I switch between straights and double-edge (Merkur Progressive), with grain, cross grain, against grain, alum block, post-shave balm, bay rum aftershave.

    Then I know at least ONE good thing will already have happened to me in my day!

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    Old fashioned razors are cheap and last for a few shaves if you look after them... One of the small pleasures of life is having a nice shave.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christian Miller
    One of the small pleasures of life is having a nice shave.
    NBD: new blade day-tete-de-moine-jpeg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy Smith
    I don't like the look of a full beard or clean shaven
    How do you define full?

    I used to trim mine once every 2-3 weeks, with scissors. I still prefer that approach because it's the most "creative" one and takes a certain skill to avoid asymmetry, but it takes time, my back doesn't like how I now have to hunch towards the mirror and you get hair everywhere (and that can get me flak). So now it's just a trimmer with a 1mm comb for the chin, mouth and neck, possibly a longer one for the cheeks if I feel like the extra effort (otherwise the same comb when it's hot, or I leave those mostly untouched). Freshly done it's hardly more than a stubble, but IMHO a neater one should clearly not be the result of not haven shaved for a few too many days. Not that I'd care if people think that, for the most part...