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    Quote Originally Posted by rpjazzguitar
    The Hand Surgeon recommended following the "simple instructions" (his words) in a book called Super Gut. Same author as Wheat Belly.
    Who's that? (It's tempting to say I only ever heard of Lead Belly )

    but there's no proven value to microbiome changes in treating any other condition. If I understood him correctly. Still, there are indications that biome issues are related to health issues.
    Re-populating the intestine with the flora that it is supposed to have seems an evident thing to do after a transplant which presumably consists of suitable sterilised tissue. That flora is beneficial inside your guts, but it's not supposed to get out.

    I think I mentioned elsewhere already that psychologists apparently have a new procedure to comply with that consists in assisting people to do something about their guts, before prescribing antidepressants or the like. That too seems intuitive - too much chemical medication can have a disastrous effect on your intestinal flora (and tissue) but I think most of us know that there is a very clear link between mental state and "gut feeling". Make my gut act up and my brain will try to think I'm having an anxiety attack, and I'm pretty certain that a continuous state of mental ill-being will have effect on the guts too.
    I wouldn't be surprised if there were also a link between the biome and the overall health of your immune system.

    suggested I should make and eat my own pickles. But, he wasn't thinking about salt content.
    Salt is an optional component in pickling! I add a little for taste (salt is a flavour enhancer) but really not much more than a pinch. Most of which will probably remain in the pickling liquid.
    I don't add sugar either btw, I use (part) balsamic vinegar. You could add (ground) turmeric (curcuma), which has plenty of health benefits (supposedly)


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    Author is William Davis MD.

    I'm not pushing it. I just thought that it was interesting that it might be relevant to treating hand pain from osteo arthritis.

    I can't tell if Dr. Davis is firmly grounded in research or out in front of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rpjazzguitar
    [...] The Hand Surgeon suggested I should make and eat my own pickles. But, he wasn't thinking about salt content. Why should he? He's a Hand Surgeon. If my salty hands don't hurt, he's a success. Blood pressure is my PCP's problem, right? [...]
    I have always had a strong affection for dill pickles. But for quite some time I have been trying to cut as much salt out of my diet as I can – I never use table salt, for example, and I always check the sodium level of foods I buy. However, I make an exception for pickles – a pickle without salt is like a fish without a bicycle (or something like that).

    The probiotic subject, as it relates to pickles, is something I became aware of several years ago. It appears that pickles with vinegar don't have much useful probiotic content, nor do pickles with sugar; but there are at least a couple of commercial pickle companies that ferment pickles without using vinegar, and which have living probiotic organisms.

    Plus, they taste delicious. Bubbies is one such company, and another is RealPickles. I heartily recommend both.

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    Drink kefir.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emanresu
    Drink kefir.
    A few years ago Dr. Stollman recommended Kifir as an excellent probiotic. I can't recall if he suggested it in addition to other probiotics or as a stand alone. My vague recollection was that all you needed was Kifir.

    The Hand Surgeon and author disagree that Kifir is all you need. Although they both say it's good.

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    Kefir makes any food edible and comforting.
    ANY porridge+kefir=mmmmmmyeh
    Plain rye bread with butter+kefir=thank you.

    Kefir is the ultimate condiment in a drinkable form. Goes with any food. Makes it tight. And is good for your guts.
    edit: "condiment" by dictionary: to enhance the flavor. NO. it is the opposite. it supresses the taste of the food, making it all edible.