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    Jazz Winds From A New Direction. Hank Garland mickmac


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Lots of options, but the first one that popped into my head was Tom Scott's "Apple Juice".

    Eric Gale, Hugh McCracken, Steve Gadd, Marcus Miller, Richard Tee, Ralph MacDonald and a cameo by Dr. John.

    (Hopefully, there are no wrong answers to this question... )

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    Quote Originally Posted by fep
    Weather Report - Heavy Weather

    Favorite tune on that record - A Remark You Made

    That was really nice. I never listen to fusion, but that was a great example.

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    Nope. I cannot choose only one. And I’m never going to do it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fep
    Weather Report - Heavy Weather

    Favorite tune on that record - A Remark You Made

    Not a best ever recording. But I was in Philly when it came out, and that album was top in it’s class. It sold like hotcakes, on vinyl. Why because who wanted a cassette in the 70’s? Seriously, it was badass!

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    Barney Kessel - Poll Winners (1957) with Ray Brown and Shelley Manne. Also Rides Again.

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    Paquito D'Rivera Portraits of Cuba. Critics described it as "music not stupid enough to win a Grammy' bought it sound unheard"all i needed.Haven't regreted the purchase all those years ago.So maybe a number one best one liner to describe a jazz album ironically it won haha

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    "Live at the half note" - Wes Montgomery and Wynton Kelly Trio.

    Pat Metheny said he learned to play guitar with this album. I kinda agree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rpjazzguitar
    Paul Desmond and Jim Hall, Glad to Be Unhappy.

    Another I love: Festa by Viva Brasil.
    I love Paul Desmond, and anything he does with Jim Hall.

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    Lee Ritenour’s Stolen Moments.

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    Seven Come Eleven-Herb Ellis Joe Pass Ray Brown Jake Hanna.

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    Chick Corea, Three Quartets.

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    The only jazz albums that I own are jazz guitarist albums. Almost (30) Wes albums, (8) Johnny Smith albums, (6) Kennet Burrell albums, (3) Howard Roberts albums and one each Charlie Christian and Django album. I get my “other jazz music” fix by listening to Sirius radio in the car, the Real Jazz channel.

    It is very difficult to narrow it down to one album but here goes. My favorite jazz album is “Smokin at the Half Note” featuring Wes Montgomery, backed by the Wynton Kelly trio. Some of the cuts were done live @ the NYC jazz club and other cuts were done in a studio in New Jersey and a few other live gigs. This was June and Sept. 1965, on the Verve label. I should add that my appreciation for Wynton Kelly (piano) increases the more I listen to this album.

    #50 above mentions this album and asks if there is a good bio on Wes. Take a look at the book by Oliver Dunskus, “Wes Montgomery, his life and his music”, new 2020 biography. I have it on my Kindle. #108 also lists this album.

    If you think that all Wes is known for is octaves, listen to Jingles on Wes’ Best: The Best of Wes Montgomery on Resonance. That must be a two pickup guitar based on the “brightness” of his playing. Much of Wes’s work uses a single pickup guitar.


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    Blue Train was my first intro.
    John Scofield is how I found a voice for jazz violin and then mandolin. His approach of double stops and counterpoint are easily applicable to a fifths-tuned instrument.

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    It changes over the years, and I don't listen to alot of straight ahead at all, mostly just jazz adjacent or influenced music. Right now I'd go with:

    Ben Monder: Day After Day
    Brad Mehldau: After Bach
    Kreisberg: One
    Oz Noy: Riverside

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    Seven Steps to Heaven - Miles Davis

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    Was the first that came to mind.

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    Nice thread, looks simple but it is not.

    After reading all the comments , it is like a deep dive inside of ourselves.
    Very interesting to see how one is shaping an opinion.
    An imaginary situation where you have to pick up just one album, for the rest of your life.

    Jazz was , is ( and maybe will be ) a music for pioneers.
    So this thread eventually is anti-Jazz , because it is against the fundamentals of Jazz.

    Exploring, reinventing , e.t.c. and most of all improvising !
    It is like you eat for the rest of your life your favorite homemade food from a can, everyday !

    My favorite album changes every week or every month.

    So it is impossible to pick one for the rest of my life , simply because I do not have a clue what I will like tomorrow.

    But If somebody would point a gun in my head , I would choose Charlie Haden with Gonzalo Rubalcaba " Tokyo Adagio ".

    I just discovered this album yesterday !

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    Funny, I just put on Idol Moments by Grant Green yesterday and thought to myself... "Man, I think this is my favorite jazz album." It just has the feel for me!

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    Midnight Blue , Kenny Burrell.