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    Sorry if this was uploaded....

    This is just too cool !...

    I'm guessing the neighborhood boys are already starting to hang around !!


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    That is delightful! Before anyone starts stacking their guitar collection in the back yard and searching for lighter fluid... a reminder about the wonder of freshly minted nervous systems.

    I saw a nature video where a mother lion and her two new cubs were discovered by a king cobra. The cubs were playing and the mother was snoozing when the cobra appeared from out of the tall grass and approached the cubs. The narration paused just long enough to fully get that sinking feeling and then the mother lion looked over at the cobra... and then lay back down to continue her nap!

    The narration continues and says the cubs are perfectly safe and the mother knows this. She could go over and separate the cobra's head from his body in one swipe of her paw, but she does nothing. One of the cubs put his face right up to the cobra just inches away as if to say, "Hi! You want to play?" and the cobra strikes. The cub moves back faster than the snake can strike, and this happens a few times. Both cubs play with the snake, nipping his tail, getting in his face, etc... snake can't touch them, eventually gets frustrated and moves on with the cubs still batting and nipping at him.

    Cats have superb eyes, ears, and reflexes, and the brand new nervous systems of lion cubs are even more effectively so, despite having no experience with dangers.

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    too cool, there's hope!

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    She's incredible. Also does Recuerdos de la Alhambra, the tremolo classical pice, and plays it beautifully. Best wishes and good luck to her!

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    That made my day. Thank you!

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    :insert heart smiley: (none available in list)

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    OK, I guess I need to stop blaming my small hands for my playing problems.

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    Love her young voice but what most impressed me was how solid she is rhythmically.

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    That right hand has a life of its own. Talent + discipline = good things.

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    Don't be fooled, she is not a beginner. She's been playing for decades. See her amp stacks behind. Can't be a beginner.