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    He also has that Howard Roberts vibe with the shades.

    Anyway, two short videos from his pre-Telecaster days (1963-ish), playing his ES-175 with what look like some seriously heavy strings.

    John Galich


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Well now we know where he got the thunk from.

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    Unmistakable comping and voicing, sounded practically the same on a Tele with light roundwounds. Go figure.

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    With Bickert, you never miss the piano. He was playing the same voicings, the Tele and the lighter strings, just made things easier to play.

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    Looks like he's using .14s. Not at all uncommon at the time. Just set the action low. You won't get fretboard slap because the .14-gauge flats are pretty stiff. It's not uncomfortable to play a guitar set up like that.

    You sure can train yourself to play more lightly and use a lighter gauge set of strings. EB did this...as did Jim Hall and others.

    (I can't seem to do this, however. I play upright bass most days. If I set up a guitar too light, I just push the strings all over the place.)

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    Bickert getting funky with a phaser!

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    The Tele before the nicotine stains: