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    The Pedal Steel Guitar Slides Into Jazz - JazzTimes

    The clip below is not from the article---it features Forum member Jim Cohen, who also plays a six-string guitar like the rest of us. ;o)


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Great stuff. One could add the album Bucky Pizzarelli did with Buddy Emmons back in I think the 70s (I’ve got it stored until I get around to getting a new turntable)...

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    it's always been!!! the territory where charlie christian,herb ellis, jmmie rivers and barney kessel were born, was steeped in western swing..and a big part of western swing was lap and pedal steel guitar!!..can't have one without the other..so many great western swing/jazzy players...junior barnard, jimmy wyble! eldon shamblin..

    modern jim campilongo worked with steel player for years...

    & greg leisz steel..who works with frisell and charles lloyd, super!

    & and if you go back a bit..vintage.. steeler buddy emmons cut jazzy lps..and danny gatton worked with steelers...there's a heritage

    steelers and jazz guitarists are close right down to the gear... both like those big loud powerful, but clean amps wth the 15" speaker


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    Herb Ellis had an album with Herb Remington on it, along with other western swing artists Floyd Domino on piano and Johnny GImble on fiddle. It even has Willie Nelson on it. It was supposedly not a happy date, but I wasn't there, so it's just hearsay. Both Herbies could play, though.

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    I’ve got one pedal steel record:

    The Pedal Steel Guitar Slides Into Jazz-03552c75-8ad7-42f3-ba62-8fba1d95f899-jpg

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    That Jim Cohen clip is great! The guitar player too.

    I got into C6 and E9 on lap steel at one point, but never spent much time with a pedal steel. It's funny, I sold my lap steel a few years ago but still get more calls (pre-pandemic) to play lap steel than guitar. Probably says something about my guitar playing.

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    I love pedal steel and view it with a mix of fear and reverence. No idea how they do what they do.

    Jimmy Bryant and Speedy West made a great combo, I have two compilation CDs.

    Mind you, they could play pretty too:

    Jim Campilongo is great when paired with a steeler.

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    I keep trying. Some Scofield on pedal steel

    And one of my tunes from long ago on C6 lap steel.