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    Quote Originally Posted by Jhui View Post
    Any feedback of my playing is welcome. My technic is far from perfect and these clips are not without mistakes, but I think I did ok. I don't want to get stuck for too long time in one particural pattern (trying to get it to perfection), otherwise I will never catch rest of the group
    Good work. No reason they should sound “perfect” for posting here and there is no reason not to go through them at slower tempos, which is great for both ear and fingers. Your mic seems to take in a lot of noise on some of the recordings, maybe positioning it differently or moving might help?

    I did like you did when I found the group and went through the ones I was behind on, glad I did. I’ve also gone back and looked at a few of them in slower tempos afterwards.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jhui View Post
    Hello! As I'm trying to catch rest of the group (at some point), I will be posting my recorded clips in to these threads. I am working patterns in linear order, but I'll try to go thru these earlier patterns in faster pace. Will see how that goes, since allready in patterns 7-8 the minimum tempo (100 BPM) was not easy for me. I do feel that this is exactly what my playing needs.
    Well, you're doing a very good job. Congrats. I wouldn't over worry on the triplets . You mentioned them earlier.

    Triplets are always going to be less precise until you put in some extra time on them, because we all just tend to play them so less frequently otherwise. If you spend some time playing scales, arpeggios etc. using only triplet rhythms , they will improve pretty quickly. Remember that when you're playing with the metronome , the first point of synchronization is really beat 2. You're fine on beat 1 on those triplets. If you build the phrase a note at a time starting from 2, you'll sync tighter tio the click.
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    Here are my patterns 9-12. The sound quality is pretty bad. I use Zoom 2 for recording

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jhui View Post
    Here are my patterns 9-12. The sound quality is pretty bad. I use Zoom 2 for recording

    Sounds good to me. I'm just recording with a mic as well - not direct or anything. ...Zoom Q2N video recorder for me. Is that what you're using?

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    I have Zoom H2n, so no video just audiorecording. I'll have to experiment more with microphone placement and volume. I think it is enough for this purpose, but I would like have proper recording tools (maybe usb audio mixer and Shure 57 mic).