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    Quote Originally Posted by FourOnSix
    No. He was suggesting (partially) that the OP identify players whose sound they didn't like and to avoid using the same pick. So if there's a player who has lousy tone because of technique, gear, or whatever, not to use the pick that player is using.

    Conversely, different players, because of their varied touches, may extract different tones from the same pick. I can't tell you how many times I've read comments about Blue Chip picks sounding dull. I find them rather bright (in a good way).
    OK, well I can't imagine being too influenced by what pick someone uses. Unless it is a specific style that I'm unfamiliar with.

    Though I am vaguely curious which Blue Chip Julian Lage uses...

    Blue Chips are full and also bright, although actually I would rather say clear. To me, they just deliver what the sound of the guitar is. Once they get warm they are easy to hang on to, and they never get a rough edge that catches the string, the sound of which I really hate.

    So long as you don't lose them, they're great. I have some that are 5+ years old, so I even think they are a bargain!


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatRhythmMan

    I’ve tried a lot of different picks that I fall in love with for a little while, but I always come back to and decide that none of them beat the Dunlop 205 “Jazztone”. I use it for every style I play. It’s the small version, so if you like a larger pick you might want to try something more like the 208.

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    I'm a big fan of the Jazztone 204. The tip of the pick is rounded on the 204.

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    My jazztone 208s, ordered as a result of this thread, came today. Love em. Thanks, people.

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    I did a lot of experimenting with making picks at one point. I bought some vespel rod, which is what Blue chip picks are made of. I bought some ultra high molecular weight polyethelyne, and some Taugua nuts, made some casein, and a bunch of other stuff.

    My conclusion is that overwhelmingly, the most important thing for tone is the bevel and polish. Even more important than the shape.

    I have a ton of different picks and they all sound different and tend to be better for some things vs others. I have a couple blue chips and don't like them very much and some of those jazztones and they didn't do it for me.. The one I come back to most often are purple Dunlop tortext, D'Andrea ProPlek, and 2mm Dunlop "flow."

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    Quote Originally Posted by omphalopsychos
    Switched to blue chip, never looked back.
    Hi Juan, wich model are you using and wich bevel?

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    Ordered a bunch of different ones last year after reading a thread on this forum....favourite by far is the Fred Kelly Small Fat pick.