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    thomanns harley benton brand with a pedal sized amp with 100 watts into 8 ohms (190 into 4) and 3 band eq

    GPA-100 power amp...goin for 78$!!!

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    Run it flat and pair it with a Polytone pedal...

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    it's brand new, but seems like an incredible bargain...just plug into a cab (4 or 8 ohms) and you have your amp setup...add a pedal or two before for some further tone processing

    & fits in your gig bag...


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    People used to get electric shocks from these. Hopefully not anymore.

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    not the gpa-100! it was just announced 2 days ago!'s brand new!

    the "shock" problem was from an older smaller differently designed model...and seemed to be linked to people running them wrong ohmage


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    Looks great ....
    i'd be ordering one now but
    ive already got a TC Bam200
    (which is cool)

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    Can I run my ME80 pedalboard into this little amp? Will the signal coming out of the ME80 be strong enough, or do I need a preamp?

    What does a usable system look like with this component -- and something to add reverb?

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    ^ it's meant to go at the end of a that instead of plugging into a combo plug into this pedal and it directly into a speaker cabinet...

    should work fine with boss me^...(it's all a question of matching impedances) thing i would do tho is get a y both channels of boss into single power amp input...otherwise you are only getting half your tone


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    Quote Originally Posted by neatomic
    ^ one thing i would do tho is get a y both channels of boss into single power amp input...otherwise you are only getting half your tone

    The Y is not always a good idea; you could run into phase cancellation issues.

    I'm sure the Boss has one channel set up for mono - most stereo gtr fx pedals are set up with stock patches that put the dry signal panned center or somewhat L so you can use just L channel with a mono rig. Consider that most of these pedals are meant to go into a single guitar amp; few guitarists bring two amps or even one stereo amp to a gig.

    But $78 is cheap enough to buy two amps and run stereo.

    If anyone here buys one, would love to hear what you think of it.

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    Some time back, I tried to run an Alto powered speaker from the ME80. It did not work.

    Apparently, the ME80 does not put out a full line level signal. Rather, it expects to put out a signal similar to the signal a guitar puts out.

    If I boosted the signal with various modules of the ME80, I could get it hot enough, but not clean enough.

    The Alto specs said that it could amplify a mic, and it could, but only at the highest rotation of the volume knob, at which point the low frequencies howled and the guitar sounded awful.

    Players who ran the Alto from a full featured modeler got good results, again, apparently because the output is hot enough.

    Anyway, that's my concern about the GPA100.