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    ted greene w the jm



    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Mine has arrived. A made in Japan (MIJ) offset telecaster in korina (white limba) with a pair of P90's. Lots of pictures online so I'll spare you my questionable photographic skills. Regardless of marketing, this is a Jazzmaster, not a Tele. And actually a quite nice one. A few initial observations:

    - The U neck is great for those who don't care for skinny necks. I prefer a 43mm width vs. the 42mm but the U shape and 10" radius helps with the feel. A neck I can live with.

    - The Fender P90's sound pretty good

    - Wish I could mix the front and back rather than just selecting front/both/back. Often like the neck pickup with just a little bridge mixed in. Could rewire it. Can always roll off the treble downstream.

    - Comfortable shape sitting or standing. Very high cutaway.

    - Workmanship was flawless as far as I can tell. Looked it over pretty close. Couldn't find a single thing.

    - Lowered the action. Might take the nut down a little. Frets are quite good.

    - Nut sluts are wide for a guitar that comes with light strings. Put Tomastik Infield .012 rounds with a plain G on as a starting point. Nut seems like it was already cut for a larger gauge.

    - High quality gig bags (Mono, Fusion) are generally too short on the inside for the Jazzmaster. Ended up ordering a rotomolded Fender Jazzmaster case. Added $200 to the transaction but the OEM bag is suitable for shipping in a well padded box only. Not sure what other cases might fit. Something to consider as part of the purchase.

    - It's on the heavy side but OK with a wider strap. About like a PRS. 8.8lbs according to my not-very-accurate luggage scale. Contributes to the solid feel and tone I think. Glad I don't have to stand for a 3 or 4 hour gig with any weight guitar.

    - Chicago Music Exchange did everything on their end they were supposed to do. Transaction/packing.. all good.

    No regrets on this purchase. Nice looking guitar (avarice, greed..).
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    Regarding OP, yes.

    Picture the scene, ole' Jazzbow strumming his J Mascis J Master slung around his neck on a long strap, pivoting on his right hip, legs straight ahead and crossed foot over foot, purched on his Roland Cube 60 with a cigarette protruding from pouted lips with wisps of smoke curling up toward the rehearsal room ceiling.
    A snapshot of sonic serenity comping changes with free flowing fingers finding gracious grips!

    Man and musical instrument reaching a confluence of perfect balance in tone and taste. The mind free forming lines and chords without the cumbersom shackled weight of wood.


    Like a pair of comfy slippers!

    YMMV bien sur

    The jazzmaster Shape – is it really that comfortable?-sdc11277-480x640-jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by jazzbow
    Like a pair of comfy slippers!
    you and barney kessel!

    good to see you jazzbow


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    The jazzmaster Shape – is it really that comfortable?-tenor-gif-MIC

    A pensée est réciproque mon ami

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    I'm sure the JM is a comfortable guitar but more comfy than a Strat? My Strat melts into my body sitting or standing like I was born with it there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DRS
    I'm sure the JM is a comfortable guitar but more comfy than a Strat? My Strat melts into my body sitting or standing like I was born with it there.
    It's a lot like a Strat in that regard. I find the right arm reach and hand placement a bit more comfortable on the JM body. And the JM cutaway provides even better access. Not that you're going to spend a lot of time at the 20th fret. Strat is lighter. JM sustains. You should have at least one of each.

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    I bought a Squier Affinity Jazzmaster on a whim last year ($200 street price, the cheapest thing Fender makes except the Hello Kitty).

    I haven't played another guitar since.

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    Here are mine. I wouldn't say that the 6 string is super light, but it isn't very heavy. It is a roasted ash body that is under 4lbs. The hardware and electronics add up though. It has a set of Kinman pickups on it which are really nice. That guy has perfected noiseless pickups. He has thought of every way to make them work with all the nuances of options, and they sound great to me. BTW, the 12 string JM is very light. That has a chambered body. To answer the original question, JM are super comfortable. That was Leo Fender's intention and he hit the mark, IMHO.
    Attached Images Attached Images The jazzmaster Shape – is it really that comfortable?-img_1907-jpg The jazzmaster Shape – is it really that comfortable?-img_1908-jpg The jazzmaster Shape – is it really that comfortable?-img_1909-jpg