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    Campellone V1K Model-eaa84703-d6ce-4f5c-9888-ddfe806f2ca3-jpgCampellone V1K Model-6294af2e-9854-4d56-b676-27ede1c0102d-jpgCampellone V1K Model-1f7aafb0-0a54-4774-b6bd-2f295ae90a39-jpgCampellone V1K Model-bb64a9b7-ce25-484e-b5ff-c172f20d603a-jpgCampellone V1K Model-1c0095fc-a0dd-460a-9b91-70b67f882e17-jpgCampellone V1K Model-a1c6bc4b-d499-4d2f-b16a-d309851dc6df-jpgCampellone V1K Model-f6d2387e-1026-4b09-839b-476c5ca4ecce-jpg


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    Campellone V1K Model-0db9bffb-e8df-4582-96d2-0fd1cd249f2c-jpgCampellone V1K Model-5aa9a355-936c-4829-89d0-f31bb78e9e77-jpgCampellone V1K Model-c2f44bb0-5e42-4dba-9035-0f656b33c3fa-jpgCampellone V1K Model-018e7bfb-0c78-4b74-b8af-10a3cdfca9d3-jpgCampellone V1K Model-f86cd5df-8b42-4fa0-8215-c3657b6f3de2-jpgCampellone V1K Model-fe424f49-6a92-4106-a45a-ae7585e66146-jpg

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    Really stunning! Do enjoy...

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    Campellone V1K Model-e3a0f0fb-ca53-4a60-8294-a779ecd4daae-jpgCampellone V1K Model-5a02fa83-0bd5-4ead-beac-72100552b1db-jpgCampellone V1K Model-f9b63013-deb3-4286-954d-5f3e63bac09e-jpgCampellone V1K Model-bd3d479f-a605-4ab5-98d3-53ddb9aa062e-jpg

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    Beautiful Vinny ... how does it sound.

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    Vinny! Congrats! She's a stunner. I love natural blondes. That quilt/flame on the back and sides is so three-dimensional and beautiful. Birdseye neck. Wow, nice woods throughout. Simply elegant from head to toe. Lucky man. How does it sound?

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    hey! it's finally landed!! what a beauty..and will only get better with playing & time

    congrats & enjoy...was a great build to watch


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    Pix of the two Campellones side-by-side would be nice.

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    Oh my GOD Vinny.
    It is beautiful. You got the nicest guitars in the world bro. You really do.
    You did it right.
    Congratulations Bro.
    Joe D

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    Wish I could hear how it sounds!

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    You guys, give Vinny a little time alone with her! You're Like a bunch of hound dogs! Leave the poor guy be. He's probably consummating the marriage. He'll be back on line in a while!?

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    Great photos of an incredible-looking instrument.

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    It is a little warmer sounding than my Special. Very angelic sounding. I guess from the angel wings on the back. If I had proper recording equipment I would post Over the Rainbow/If I only had a Brain. Taught to me by my buddy Tuck. It is the best song I do. I won't post a iPhone recording. It will sound plinky and not do justice. When I retire I will get into recording vids like Joe. I don't know how Mark does it but spot on intonation on both my Campellone's with a wood saddle. Every string. Every fret. Can't wait to see the completed D'Aquisto restoration. 007 (silverfoxx) next up to bat. Thanks Mark ! It's a real whooper.
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    Glad to see you're pleased with the guitar, Vinny - not surprised to hear that it's a little more mellow sounding than your Special - the quilted maple is a little softer than the flame maple on your Special - and the spruce top on the V1K came from a different source than the top on your Special, and that might be a little softer, too - as for the intonation being 'spot on', that's probably just luck (lol) - since there's no individual string adjustment, you can't really go for perfection when cutting the compensation into the saddle - I tend to exaggerate the compensation a bit because, to my ear at least, being a little flat is less irritating than being a little sharp.

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    May she inspire your playing for many years to come!

    A blonde beauty for sure.....

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    All I can say is that this guitar is a masterpiece, of design and construction
    much Kudos to Mark for producing such a stunning instrument.

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    I really enjoyed watching this guitar come together in your build thread. Thanks for sharing that and thanks for sharing these photos. Beautiful from every angle.

    Time on your hands, a quiet room, a beautiful new guitar in your lap. Not much can beat that.


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    ... I gotta get me one of those...

    I don't deserve it. My playing on that guitar is like an ugly guy dating a beauty queen... but I'm' pricing out what I could sell....

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    I have such respect and admiration for Mark Campellone. It is like many years ago and how I felt about Jimmy D’Aquisto.
    Someday I must fly to Rhode Island to give him a great big hug.
    Mark is very humble and is uncomfortable with praise but.....


    Now plan C. Sell a couple Gibby’s and get a Cameo.

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    Congratulations Vinny. It looks terrific. By the way, if you wanr to shoot a simple video and record the audio on your daw i can easily mix it and syncro it due to your preferences. It will be very funny for me.
    Just let me know.

    Enviado desde mi LG-H870 mediante Tapatalk

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    Vinny, this new Campellone is just stunning. Truly, M. Campellone is a modern Master. Kudos to Mr. C, and to you, Vinny, Congratulations, and play it in good health!

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    Campellone V1K Model-82cf452b-9035-4b90-a53b-e7711fc69ef9-jpgCampellone V1K Model-ae8a23ba-3832-4695-8c9f-9c42f70e29df-jpgCampellone V1K Model-e40b89c6-08b1-4634-add0-1d70bb29ce29-jpg

    Here you go Hammertone my friend.

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    Beautiful Vinny - hope your enjoying them.

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    Though these guitars are basically the same, their voices are very different which I am very pleased with. I can't say which I like better but they both sound wonderful. The V1K is softer and warmer and acoustically the Special is louder. If I had to pick one I could not but the V1K does have a special place in my heart as it isn't a standard model but a collaboration between me and Mark. These 2 Campellone's do show what a huge difference in sound different woods make. Both wonderful tones but very different.I am truly blessed. I thank the good Lord everyday....and you too Mark.
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    You are definitely blessed and deserving-of such fine instruments . Over the years I’ve enjoyed my guitar building journeys immensely. The relationships and experience will resonate with you the rest of your life.

    All my guitars sound different - and it’s that variety which can satisfy our different moods and give us perspective and experience. We will never stop searching for the sound.

    The warmth you speak of is what I admire about a great Archtop. May this guitar bring you many hours/ years of enjoyment.

    Your east coast bud.