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    Im fixing up an old Kay hollow body and as a final touch I bought all the goods to wire a floating pickup.

    I have 500k pot for tone control with .022uf cap, 250k pot for volume, jack mounted to a little metal bracket , and a cheap slim body humbucker with tab for mounting to pick guard.

    I built the amp I play currently, so I'm decent at soldering (it works anyway).

    Here is my question: I am not sure about the best way to wire this thing for what I'm doing.

    I have found many wiring diagrams on the net that are all different...

    On some diagrams, the capacitor goes from tone to volume.

    On others, it's grounded on the back of the pot etc.

    I realize there are several ways to do this, but not sure what's best for this application.

    I am planning the controls to be completely separate from the guitar so I don't alter the acoustic tone.

    Further questions:

    Do I need to ground the tailpiece?
    Do I need shielding tape? I was thinking of using aluminum ducting tape, not sure if that's a good idea...

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Tito --

    There's more than one way to do something even as straightforward as 1V / 1T. If you're interested, scope out "Vintage vs Modern" or "Vintage vs Standard" wiring -- it's the same thing -- on

    Bottom line: If you don't use your tone control it never matters either way. If you do and if I remember right, with 'vintage' wiring the tone control has more of an effect on the overall volume.

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    Post a pic of your home-built amp please!

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    The amp is an early Princeton circuit with a few basic mods. The neck on the archtop is the neck from the guitar in the amp pic. The original neck was unbearable to play, but what a lovely body!
    Attached Images Attached Images First Time Wiring a Pickup-img_20190519_120006094-jpg First Time Wiring a Pickup-img_20190519_115935232-jpg First Time Wiring a Pickup-img_20200407_161809173-jpg First Time Wiring a Pickup-img_20200407_161619583-jpg 

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    Based on conversations with Kent Armstrong, use the 500K for volume and 250K for tone. There are many wiring diagrams, I recommend Stew-Mac.

    Mounting a Kent Armstrong Suspended Jazz Pickup |

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    Looks good, both amp and the Kay!

    I have understood that the Gibson’s ”50s wiring” lets You to turn down the volume more without treble loss.

    And then there is ”Benedetto wiring” which is even better in that.

    Trial and error is also a good way to approach...!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herbie
    And then there is ”Benedetto wiring” which is even better in that.
    Is that different than this (at the bottom, not the switch wiring)? This is pretty standard.

    Benedetto Humbucking Pickups |

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    This is the wiring I prefer, direct from Benedetto. There is no perceptible change in tone when the volume is rolled back.

    Bravo wiring diagram.pdf

    If the pickup has only two wires, disregard the red/white connection, and just take the two wires to the volume control. And this is different from what StewMac has. StewMac just put up standard Gibson wiring, with Benedetto pickup wire colors.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cunamara
    Is that different than this (at the bottom, not the switch wiring)? This is pretty standard.
    Benedetto Humbucking Pickups |
    To be honest I have tried this wiring. I should have written "(...) which some say is even better in that."

    sgosnell already answered to the technical details of this wiring.

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    Well, that is interesting. Thanks for that.

    I prefer to have some high frequency rolloff with the volume pot; it sounds slightly different than rolling off the tone pot and is a bit more pleasing to my ear. Someone else's ear may hear that differently.

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    I have used the minor treble roll-off on the Tone pot as a rhythm/solo thing: Tone in 6-7 for comping and 10 for solos. Just enough to make a difference!

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    Some people like it, some don't. None of the wiring schemes are right or wrong, just different. Like speakers, amps, strings, etc.