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    I just grabbed a ~ 50-54 (no stamped serial, no FON, non-tapered headstock, 19 fret) ES-125 yesterday

    I’m planning on taking it in to get setup with flats, and I think that the pickup needs to be shimmed up. The pickup has been changed to an SD Antiquity, and it is very far from the strings

    Can someone measure their ES-125 from top of pole piece to bottom of string when fretted at the last fret for me?

    Bottom of fretted string to top of pickup with the cover removed would also be very helpful, but is more work and I understand if nobody is willing

    thinking of getting it strung with Thomastik .13 flats


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    Bump for any ES-125 players

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    5/32” (4mm) on the low E (fretted at last = 19th fret)
    3/32” (2,5 mm) on the high E

    *Edit: corrected! I am not familiar with inches so I misread.
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    This is not fretted (otherwise I can’t take the pic ;-):

    I have .012?flatwounds on it, neck almost as straight as an arrow (very little relief) and it does not buzz anywhere.

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    Here’s how I have my pole pieces:

    Pole pieces on the bass side are lowered to reduce feedback. It works!

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    Just to clarify is that ~5mm to the top of the cover with string un-fretted

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    Mine appears to be 5.5mm to the top of the poles fretted
    and about 6.5mm to the cover in fretted - I’ll order some shims today

    also I have read that your ES-125 has a sound post installed
    the top on this guitar is low and flat and I am considering asking my luthier to install a sound post to stop any further sinking

    do you have any photos of the post installed in your guitar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tfling
    Just to clarify is that ~5mm to the top of the cover with string un-fretted
    Oh man, I really don’t know how to read non-decimal measures... the pic is unfretted, the ruler rests on the magnet of the low E, which is practical flush to the pickup covers top. It’s not millimetres you see on the scale. To be honest I don’t know what it is:

    Go by the millimetres!

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    I adjust my strings hight action and away from the pickup. I prefer to play louder, more acoustic sound, even on my solid body. I have steel fingers

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    Here’s the sound post: