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    This week? I own two: Luker "Chameleon" (tube) combo and a Raezer's Edge "Luna" head; various cabs.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    2 Fender Frontman 212 R's (2008)
    1 Fender Vibrolux Reverb (1974)
    1 Peavey Duel 212. (1996)
    1 Vox mini 3 (2011)

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    Polytone mini brute II
    Acoustic Image Clarus SL-R + home made 8" cab + dead polytone as cab
    Fender Deluxe Reverb RI
    YAMAHA DG-Stomp (Pedal Pre) -> USB DAC -> Studio Monitor (*** most used ***)

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    • 1986 Laney Linebacker 50w - despite its solid state nature it has a spring reverb and mixable twin channels, and good on-board overdrive and progressive bass boost effects. When properly set up (eq and appropriate attack and release settings on the compressor in effects loop) it can come close to a Princeton in sound, (which is what I wanted) but it covers many bases
    • It was pushed into a corner by the much unloved Fender Princeton Recording which I bought in maybe 2006. Great little amp with a very good power attenuator. Sadly something died last year in the solid start part of the circuits and nobody has been able to make it work. It is now for parts, and possibly as an external cabinet (10" Jensen X-10R vs 12" Jenson N-12K Neodymium) for my....
    • Fender ToneMaster Deluxe Reverb which I am totally in love with. At 65 it's still possible for me to navigate the stairs whilst carrying this lightweight wonder
    • Likely to pull the trigger on a rig for my Hofner Violin bass comprising TC electronics BAM200w head and a TOOB Metro 6.5"BG speaker. Like the Tonemaster, the BAM has an XLR out which will be good in the home studio I'm slowly creating.

    I have a wide range of guitars from vintage Gibsons, Fenders and Ibanez through to more recent Gretsch, Peavey Omniac JD (tele clone), and Ibanez Artist 2619 Prestige. With these guitar (and a good pedalboard) I can get most of the useable sounds I want.

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    VHT Special 6 head, for quieter home use -- jazz and blues. Sweet cleans and good edge-of-breakup.

    50w Peavey ValveKing 112, for general use at home and possibly gigging if my pardner and I can get things going. Yes, I open it up and yes, I practice on it with earplugs. Covers rock 'til about Sabbath- and Rush-levels of dirt, and has good, deep cleans.

    Original-model Peavey Bandit which stays at our rehearsal space. $48 used at a pawn shop a couple of years ago, would gig it without any worries but it's a bit nasally by my preferences.

    Planning on adding an Egnater Tweaker 40 sometime this year, at which time the VK112 will be promoted to rehearsal use and the Bandit will be a reliable back-up for either of the larger tube amps. Also thinking about an SS acoustic amp for my flattop+pickup.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SkipBurz
    I had the Rivera PRII in the early-80s that I just loved. Sometimes people criticize them but I loved that amp. I recorded a Christmas album in 1983 with a jazz group I was touring with. Played a 335 through it. We were listening to it today and my son (who's a musician and music major in college) commented on the tone. Great amp!
    I had a Rivera-era SuperChamp that is my favorite of all amps I've ever owned. One of the few gear regrets I have is having to sell it in a time of need.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gitfiddler
    I have a few n.o.s. 6C10's as back up. But after owning 3 Rivera Super Champs over the last 10 years, not one of these tubes have ever gone bad. Connecting a SC to a 1x12 or 4x12 8ohm ext. cab sounds better than amps twice their size. Paul Rivera and Ed Jahns amp designs are brilliantly conceived and built like tanks.

    I used to plug mine into a closed-back 4x10 w/ Celestions ... that thing could peel paint, it was 18w of roid rage.
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    1979 Lab Series L-5

    Custom Blues Jr with Dark Green Tolex, Wheat colored grille cloth , Cannabis speaker etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bohemian46
    1979 Lab Series L-5

    Custom Blues Jr with Dark Green Tolex, Wheat colored grille cloth , Cannabis speaker etc.
    My cousin has five of those. Next time he visits these parts, I'm gonna do my best to talk him out of one. Or two.

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    Swart AST Pro (my primary stand alone)
    Fender Blues Jr.
    Roland JC 77
    Kemper Profiling Amp w/Hughes and Kettner bottom (although I use mainly for line in recording)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JazzJunkie
    Swart AST Pro (my primary stand alone)
    Fender Blues Jr.
    Roland JC 77
    Kemper Profiling Amp w/Hughes and Kettner bottom (although I use mainly for line in recording)

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    Here is a group shot

    How Many Guitar Amps Do You Own?-20200421_153255-jpg

    - Twin reverb, 100W master volume, I think 1975 (current favourite amp)
    - 5E3 clone kit, somewhat modified. (on top of twin)
    - 5F1 clone kit, somewhat more modified, (on top of a 12" tweed speaker cabinet, with jensen C12N )
    - DV mark little jazz (favourite to bring somewhere)
    - Roland cube 40xl

    other amps I own not in the photo
    - peavy classic 50 4x10
    - vox valvetronix 20
    - carlsbro glx 80 (first amp I got)

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    Currently, a Boss Katana 50, and a Polytone Mega Brute. The Polytone is great for small group gigs.

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    Just my wall of Pignoses...

    How Many Guitar Amps Do You Own?-wall-pignoses-rocker-jpg

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    I've got 4:

    Brown Fender Deluxe (1962)
    Blackface Fender Vibrochamp (1964)
    Fender Champ that is transitional - black tolex on the old version with one knob on top (that goes to 12!) (1964)
    Silvertone 1481 (who knows what year?)

    I bought all of these many moons ago - pre-interwebs. I found them in pennysavers!

    I was using the Deluxe for fun small rock gigs with a very casual group that played mostly to old friends before things went kaput up here. It is a very loud amp.
    The Vibrochamp sounds great and the Champ sounds like Can't You Hear Me Knockin'.
    The Silvertone gets a nice dry sound with my Guild x175.

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    down to only 1 guitar and 1 amp

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    The one and only: Fender Eighty Five

    How Many Guitar Amps Do You Own?-f85-jpg

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    I own three:
    Vintage Sound 35sc
    Quilter Microblock 45 with a ZT Lunchbox Cabinet
    Roland Microcube for outdoor gigs.

    Drastic price differences. I'm thinking of getting either the Fender Champion 50XL or a Roland AC-33 when I get back to the States from Europe in December.

    The Vintage Sound 35sc does the best job out of all mass produced amps for professional use besides the Fender Twin Reverb in getting a nice Fender sound without the boomy bass.

    Before the situation we are faced with today, I used the Quilter MB for most of my gigs.

    For live streaming I'm actually using the Roland Microcube to get a reverb effect by plugging the headphone out into my iPhone 6s using the iRig HD2.

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    right now i only own and use an orange crush 20.

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    Actually you only need what you gig with. But that said it's fun to have a few for fun! For me at 63 I use Quilter Aviator amps and a Tone Block 202. I have different size cabs from 1x8" combo to 2x12" cab for large gigs.

    Studio work amps are really a thing of the past, unless you're a Rock Star. Although I would love to have a Vintage Gibson 1950's Jim Hall amp! But it wouldn't be practical for me

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    For different types of gigs and stage-sizes I like to have 3 types of amps: small, medium and large. And if you work with singers a very practical thing to have is something that can amplify vocals and guitar simultaneously (AER Alpha in my case).

    Actually over the years I have acquired several amps in rach category but that’s the result of the tone quest and the inability of letting things go ;-) The advantage is I have different portabilities in each categorie, so I can choose the amp based on transportation (public transport, bike, car)

    Small: small stages, coffee houses and quiet stages like theatres where you get miced on stage - if the music allows for it (quiet drummer!)
    - AER Alpha, Session BluesBaby22, Dynacord DA-16V

    Medium: bars, jamsessions, louder drummers
    - Session Rockette:30, Fender Blues Deluxe, Framus Strato 345

    Big: outdoor, loud stages, loud bands with horns
    - Twin Reverb (Guyatone clone)

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    I have a Peavey Special, a Fender Pro Junior, and a little Vox digital thing that's supposed to sound like different amps.
    The Peavey I've owned for what seems forever. It just works and I like the sound I can get from it regardless of the guitar used.
    The Fender is fine as it is and was bought to (hopefully) gig with. But I was told I can get a little more clean headroom by replacing one of the valves/tubes. I haven't got around to that yet.
    My desk amp is the Vox.

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    I bought an amazing amp stand that made my small and medium sized amps much more usable on larger stages (when they are mic-ed) because the amps sit much closer to my ears. It’s foldable, light and it was only $7.50 (and it’s surprisingly stable):

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    Bought this fender champion 100
    Turned up yesterday. It's a beast!

    Anyone rate this amp for a good jazz sounding amp???

    Cheers Andy

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    I played it in our rehearsal room and it’s one of those amps that sounds decent on its own but lacks when played in a band setting. Can’t really put my finger on it why......

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    I have: 1962 Fender Vibrolux
    1962 Fender Pro
    1964 Fender reverb Unit
    1964 Fender Tremolux
    1966 Ampeg Gemini II
    1967 Fender Bassman
    1967 Gretsch 6152/ Valco
    1974 Fender Deluxe Reverb
    1976 Sano 250R
    2005 Mesa TA-15
    VHT Super Six Ultra
    2 ea. Pignose 7-100
    The only reason I have so many amps is because I have to many guitars. That's a good reason, isn't it?
    Thanks John

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    Traynor Dark Horse
    Gretsch G5222
    '59 Supro Super
    Crate CA15 (for acoustic)

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    How Many Guitar Amps Do You Own?-2737853a-3783-4028-9b0d-49a1e17111ec-jpg
    I’m down to 3

    i like to think of them as three different eras of sounds

    Vintage 47 VA-185
    Sequel Tribute
    Fender ‘62 Princeton (Chris Stapleton edition)

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    Far too many:

    Redplate Blackverb
    Fender Deluxe 1977
    Fender Prosonic
    65 Amps London (want to sale)
    Dr Z Zwreck
    Bruneti Singleman 30
    Red Evil Twin
    Vox Ac 30
    Roland Cube 60
    Aer Compact 60
    Clarus Amp

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    I've been using a Traynor ygl1 (only amp) for the last 10 years. I love this amp. With the right touch it can cover all the bases. However, a few days ago, I ordered a tweed '57 custom champ. It won't be delivered right away, but I expect it sometime next week. Can't wait!

    So I guess you could say I have 2 amps now.

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    I have 10. I play three of them often. Fender Vibrolux, Boogie Mark III, and if I’m rocking: a Marshall SC20H. I’ve had a ton of the boutique stuff and still do have a few, but if the first three I listed can’t get it done I don’t want to play it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brion
    I have 10. I play three of them often. Fender Vibrolux, Boogie Mark III, and if I’m rocking: a Marshall SC20H. I’ve had a ton of the boutique stuff and still do have a few, but if the first three I listed can’t get it done I don’t want to play it.
    Do you have the matching SC212? Or using something else?

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    I use a 2x12 I’ve had for quite some years made by Mojotone. I have a Scumback M65 and a Celestion Creamback in it. The cab and speakers have worked for every amp I have played through it. It is partially open backed, but I made a panel to close it off. It is currently open backed. I have never played the SC through any other cab, though I could try my Boogie Thiele with EV (which weighs about the same as the 2x12 LOL). I haven’t played the SC cab, but I did play a 2525 or whatever the silver Jubilee reissue through its matching cab and it sounded good (not sure If the cabs or speakers are the same)

    I like the Sc20H better than the aforementioned 25 watt jubilee and way better than a DSL20H I had. It also beat out a Friedman Runt 20. I like the Classic better than the Vintage model because it has a more versatile range of gain at all volume levels other than really quiet. I.E it does standalone home volume fine, but I think it is a bit too loud for homes with walls connected to other residences

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    ......and they all serve very singular purposes.

    Carr Rambler Brown Tolex 212
    Red Line 6 Spider 2x10 (stereo)
    Peavey Transtube Bandit 112 (Silver Stripe)
    Crate GXT 100 112 (tube pre amp)


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    Just one...

    Fender Super Reverb Head
    cabinet with 15” speaker

    I like Pat Martino’s minimalist approach. Just take your head and plug into someone’s 4x12 cab. I would like to try a Claris head but I do love the tube sound.

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    Replaced the Boss Katana 100w, a jack of all trades do anything modeler, with a ToneMaster Twin and a Mesa Rosette. Seems I prefer the real to the faux.

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    I have 3
    Main amp is now a ToneMaster Deluxe - covers super clean up to volume levels I need as well as being light as a feather and great power attenuation options - I can get good breakup and distortion at bedroom levels if I need it. It replaced my Princeton Recording which died last year.
    My second amp is a TC electronics BAM 200 into a Toob Metro 6.5 BG. Doesn't get more compact and has great clean sounds. Takes pedals nicely, but has no built-in reverb. Takes my bass too.
    My "standby" amp is a Laney Linebacker 50w combo bought new in 1986. Excellent cleans with adjustable mid and bass boost. Good spring reverb and effects loop, plus line out. Dirt channel does a good scooped blackface impression at all levels and in full boosted overdrive does nice Santana-ish distortion. Channel switching and mixing gives lots of flexibility. 35 years of good and loyal service!

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    Too many, I'm afraid. Just don't ever let them appear in the same place at the same time.

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    Fender Twin Amp 2002 version.
    Musicman 65RP 1x12
    Marshall JCM800 2x12 4104
    Sessionette 75 1x12 90s version
    Fender G Dec 3 30
    Kustom kga16r practice combo
    Polytone MiniBrute III 3knob.
    HH Bass Baby 1x15
    Ashdown Electric Blue 180 1x15

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    Right now I have:

    Roland Cube GX-40
    Vox AC-15C1
    Polytone Mini-Brute III
    Monoprice 5-watt tube amp
    Fender Super Champ X2 head/cabinet
    and some super cheapy Fender that my son isn't letting my grandson use right now. Frontman15 I think.

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    Just 1. Fender Tone Master Deluxe Reverb. Has everything I'll ever need for any kind of music. But it's tone for jazz is superb. Great attenuator that actually works the way it's supposed to, takes pedals really well, and weighs 23 lbs. Checks all the boxes and then some for me. Not saying I'll never own another tube amp. I've been a vintage or boutique tube amp fanatic/snob for 59 years. Would have never considered a SS amp until I played through the TM. Most versatile amp I've ever played through. Some people complain about the price ($899 I think). But if you look at the features, they're a bargain, IMHO. They're really that good.

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    Local guitar store had a Schertler DAVID languishing for 3-4 years.
    Played through it a few times... excellent for my use but used at $700.. I passed.
    Recently I had a chance to use it again to try out a guitar.
    Passed on the guitar but got the DAVID for a screaming deal.
    I like it a lot.

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    Some of you guys have amp fetish’s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2bornot2bop
    Some of you guys have amp fetish’s.
    Oh yes! Definitely!

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    Presently I own 2. My main amp is a Reeves Custom 50. I also own a Roland Blues Cube Artist.

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    1965 Ampeg GS12 Rocket 2
    1964 Deluxe Reverb
    Bedrock 652 50w 2-12
    Bedrock 621 25w 1-12
    Marshall 8080 Valvestate
    Behringer ACX1000 Acoustic amp
    Quilter MicroPro 200, 8”, with an extension cab w/Celestion Classic Lead 80
    Yamaha THR10II
    I really need to sell the two Bedrock amplifiers, the Marshall Valvestate, and the acoustic amp, as they get no use at all. The Quilter is my gigging and rehearsal amp. I just got the Deluxe Reverb back from the shop, and it is just what one would expect. The Ampeg hasn’t run in decades, but it’s my first amp, so I guess I’ll get to it fairly soon while I’m in that mood. The Yamaha is just a cool toy with good sound and features. Those Bedrocks are killer, especially the 50 watters. I sure do miss gigging, what little I was doing nowadays...

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    Fender Twin Amp 94 100 w. tube amp
    How Many Guitar Amps Do You Own?-fotos20guitarra20039-jpg

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    Oh my.....I never listed my amps before......Scary!
    (well maybe I did for insurance purposes)

    Geeze there are did that happen?

    Oldest to newest...

    1946 Gibson BR-3
    1947 Gibson GA-25
    1948 Gibson GA-30
    1952 Gibson Gibsonette
    1955 Gibson GA-20
    1955 Guild MasterAmp 66
    1959 Guild 66-J
    1960 La Prima (an Ampeg Rocket rebadged for an accordion builder/distributor)
    1965 Gibson Falcon
    1967 Fender Bassman head
    1969 Fender Princeton Amp
    1969 Fender Princeton Reverb
    Early 2000's? StewDaddy Hopkins replica Fender 5E5 Pro chassis in a Larry Rodgers 12" tweed cabinet.

    Here's a photo of a few....I don't generally stack'em up, but took this one for someone that made a special request.
    A bunch of these will be going up for sale pretty soon....not because I don't love them all, but its time to make space and simplify. I'd like to keep 6.

    How Many Guitar Amps Do You Own?-img_0571-jpg
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    One. A Roland Street Cube EX.

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    I've got 5..............because............well............ ..because...........

    Crate GFX 15............two of them. I hang them on the wall(actually shelves) and run my guitar thru a "splitter" pedal. They are DSP so I can get different sounds from each.

    Crate GX 60 C................use this with a Presonus TubePreV2 with a single 12AX7 tube. Got the amp for basic shipping charges. This was just an experiment. Don't do it very often, but I do like the effect....and I don't sell my toys. Oh, I got it cheap because the reverb doesn't work anymore..........

    Crate GX 130 C.................from time to time I get a wild hair up my(you know what) to serenade the horses and cows and pull this out on the porch. One of the things about this amp is that I can get a LOT of volume without distortion. Just ask the horses, cows and any neighbor within a half a mile.

    Blackstar ID:Core 40.............this is the one I use the most. I've experiment a good bit, but mostly it's the clean and smooth setting with just a touch of reverb. I get the sound I like the most..............

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    2. Sort of.

    A custom one a friend built out of a Gibson GA20T husk and a Tech21 PowerEngine Deuce Deluxe that I run both my bass and guitar pedal boards into.

    ...oh! And an old MicroCube that I've had for 12 years. Use it for around the house playing. Definitely a good little practice amp. So, 3.