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    Recently bought a MIJ 2010 Tokai ES135.
    It's a superb guitar absolutely superb.
    Not a mark on it, no fret wear and the case is so new the stitching is still pure white.
    It's the '59 copy with thick neck,dot inlays and long pickguard.
    It still has the plastic protectors on the pickguard and truss cover.
    Attached Images Attached Images Tokai ES135-2019-07-21-14-53-45-jpg Tokai ES135-2019-07-21-14-55-28-jpg Tokai ES135-2019-07-21-14-57-22-jpg Tokai ES135-2019-07-21-14-58-35-jpg 


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    Congrats! Those are excellent guitars - I have a Tokai 335 style myself.

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    That’s a pretty guitar for sure. I bet it plays well.

    I am curious why the designation ES-135 though. I have a Gibson ES-135–single cutaway, Venetian cutaway. Why didn’t they call theirs an ES-335? Or 635? Or anything other than 135?

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    Its been done before. Gibson called their new model ES175 because it cost $175.00. Or so I've read.
    Tokai named their ES335 clone ES135 because it cost 135,000 yen.
    Each time the price went up so did the model number. They're up to about ES178 now.
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    Here's Matt Schofield killin' it on his Tokai!

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    Beauty! Congratulations, and play it in good health!

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    Thanks k.