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    I just bought an 1976 Gibson es 175d in natural finish. All original parts. I wondered if these pickups are PAFs, and if I should replace them.... I'll be glad for answers.


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    PAF's were pretty much gone from Gibsons in around 1965, 1962-63 for nickel plated ones.

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    Assuming the pickups are original, they will probably be 'T Tops', which are very slightly different from PAFs ....( except in the sense that PAF's will cost about 10 times as much).
    The differences are slight; other factors will have much more influence on the final sound.

    I can't see why you'd want to replace the pickups, unless they are damaged or de-magnetised.

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    Give the T-Tops a chance. They sound surprisingly good. I have them in my 1972 ES-175D and my 1972 Les Paul.

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    1976 Gibson ES-175D Pickups-15634826506731507390737-jpg

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    I just wanted to hear your opinions, didn't think about replacing them they sound great and are in great condition!! Thank you all.

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    You probably have late T-tops which can sound fine. They are a bit brighter than the earlier T-tops and are much brighter than PAF's or 57 Classics.

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    Hard to tell how they sound from a picture.

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    Especially with only a picture of part of the covers.

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    They look like they will sound pretty good.

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    The back of the pickups says "pat no. 2737842.

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    Not PAFs. PAF stands for "Patent Applied For". With a patent number, they post-date PAFs. Probably at least as good, though.

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    Thank y'all