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    Nico Moffa opened up orders again in January and I jumped on the opportunity with no idea of how I was going to make it happen. I had just bought a Collings that wasn't and still isn't going anywhere and funds were low, but I'm happy to say it worked out. I had to sell several guitars to make this happen but I have absolutely no regrets.

    Nico and Lara are absolutely wonderful to work with! The Lorraine is the guitar I have been day dreaming about for many years now. I couldn't be happier.

    Moffa Lorraine-dsc_8794-jpg

    Moffa Lorraine-39261776_10217316899372471_5172518325338505216_n-jpg

    Moffa Lorraine-39186483_10217316899012462_6904082919556382720_n-jpg

    Moffa Lorraine-39200704_10217316899772481_4486661483240882176_n-jpg


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    Freakin' gorgeous!! Congrats!!

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    Marc beat me to it. Absolutely gorgeous. Mazel Tov! Use in good health, as they say.

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    That’s really very, very nice.
    Gorgeous guitar.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Joe D

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    That's some beautiful wood! Congratulations, and play it in good health!

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    Welcome to the Moffa club!

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    wow congrats man, killer..i want one now. love that color.

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    PeterMelton - congratulations on purchasing your dream guitar. It’s quite beautiful and I would really like to hear it one day. Perhaps you can post an audio clip.

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    User Info Menu And +1 on requesting an audio clip. I can only imagine that it sounds as sweet as it looks.

    Congratulations on a stunning guitar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dedalus And +1 on requesting an audio clip. I can only imagine that it sounds as sweet as it looks.

    Congratulations on a stunning guitar.
    +2 on the audio clip, agreed, a stunning guitar, congrats.

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    Stunning. Congratulations!

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    Thank you everyone! I took it out on its first gig last night and it was a just a joy to play. I will try and get some clips up soon.

    Moffa Lorraine-39257839_10217326954623846_8089463480588959744_o-jpg

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    You ordered in January? Was that one already in progress?

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    [Nice VBoutique cab! What speaker are you using?]

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    Quote Originally Posted by steinny
    You ordered in January? Was that one already in progress?
    Sort of. Nico had the spruce for the top and maple for the back started, but other than that everyone else was still customizable. He also makes some of the fixtures and pickups in batches now so he can fulfill orders quicker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcwhy
    [Nice VBoutique cab! What speaker are you using?]
    Thanks! Celestion Neo Creamback. The cab weighs only 19 pounds!

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    I'm curious about the Moffa Lorainne.

    Is there a center block under bridge?

    How feedback resistant is it?
    (not talking about duo gigs - but gigs with a loud drummer + percussion at big fest stage volumes)
    Plus gain?


    Those extended rims look really uncomfortable. I'm really sensitive to forearm rim and back rim against your chest.
    ie a 335 is pretty comfy. Not strat comfy but fine. Collings I35 just hurts to play. Forearm is charm and back rim is too.
    How is the loraine?

    Pickups - how do the single vs bucker compare?
    is the single really noise cancelling?

    Thanks for the input!

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    I am thinking about ordering a Lorraine from Nico, but am curious about the acoustic tone of the instrument. How well does it project naturally?

    I have a 335 and love it, but I find myself wishing that it had a more organic, louder tone, and an unplugged one to that!

    Does anyone have a video of them playing one unplugged?