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    Maybe, this is one to consider.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Voodoo T-60 hard to beat

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    I built my own warmoth telecaster for a modern jazz/fusion sound, but i also want to be able to do traditionnal jazz with it.
    At first i put a shur pickup in the neck .. then came accross the benedetti pickups at a luthier meeting in Paris.
    I'd say that 90% of the french luthier guitars have benedetti pickups... and when you play them, you understand why!
    Theres a clarity, precision, and "airiness" (note separation) that is just incredible.
    So i bought a set of benedetti pickups for my tele.. at first i wasn't sure of the choice because it was like .. too direct, too precise, more trebly that the shur pickups too ..
    after 2 weeks i tried put the rhust bakc in place, and it sounded so muddy and unprecise that i immediately switched back to the benedettis .. now i never looked back and several other players who tried my guitar have also bought that set.

    I myself have a humbucker for my 335 ordered, and a pickup for my gypsy guitar too..

    they are expensive, but worth their price in my opinion.

    I'd say the common feature of the benedetti pickups would be note separation, precision and full frequency range (the maker says that treble can be removed later, but not added, so he keeps all of it, which gives the precision).
    Plus you're helping a small artisan earning a living and he's really passionate and does a GREAT job..
    not endorsed at all .. just a huge (converted from bare knuckle and other boutique pickups) fan.

    hope that helps

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    Porter 9-T.

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    I put the Alnico pro II ( Aph-1n) Seymour. Fit perfectly without changing the routing.

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    I have played Telecasters with stock neck pickups (from the 50s through the 90s), with humbucker neck pickups (a Gibson 60s humbucker generally--on a 60s Tele, Seymour Duncan HB-1 on a '70, and whatever Fender put in there in the 70s). I have also had lots of experience with a set of Joe Barden pickups on a MIJ Telecaster. My most recent experience has been with Nash Tele-style guitars with Lollar T neck pickups, and my recent acquisition--a parts-caster that features Rumpelstiltskin White Rope pickups in both the neck and bridge position.

    For jazz, or really for any music that I play on the Telecaster, I would have to go all the way back to a '57 Esquire to find a bridge pickup that I think is comparably as good as the White Rope. I'm not sure I have ever played a Telecaster with a better neck pickup than the White Rope I am using now.

    Check out the YouTube videos and the Rumpelstiltskin web site. The pickups are hand made in Virginia by a guy who really knows what he is doing.

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    My bud Nate had a Larivee Tele with a Duncan minihumbucker in the neck slot. Wonderful, a great mix of 'bucker fatness and single-coil goodness -- great note separation with the mids still thrumming.

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    Honestly, from recent experience the Fender 51 Nocaster pickups do everything a Tele is supposed to do really well and they are cheap too.

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    Notice I didn't ask for 'best'....I'm building a new all purpose Tele - mahogany body drilled out for weight reduction and a 3/16" cocobola top cap for looks. Maybe use a pickguard and maybe not. Anyway, looking for a decent, affordable (<$100) pickup set for this beast. Been using Bill Lawrence Keystones for years and like them but was wondering what else is out there. How about the Fender Vintage Set....any users? Don't want anything super hot as I don't do distortion at all. Suggestions? I want something that will give me 'twang' in the bridge and 'velvet' in the neck.

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    I went with plain vanilla Fender custom shop nocasters and did not look back.

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    APG-great powerfull pickups.

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    Fender vintage set is iconic tone at a great price.

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    I put Bill Lawrence Microcoils in mine. Pretty great. I read a lot about the keystones/microcoils, it seemed like the consensus online was you could probably get the keystone sound with the microcoils but not the other way around.

    Don't have a lot to compare it to ( I kept my MIM tele stock for 6 months or so) but I love the tone.

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    I put a Seymour Duncan STR 1 Vintage Rhythm pu at the neck. It's not too much different than the stock but is an upgrade. $65
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    I have Bill Lawrence Micro Coils in my Tele. Really nice pickups - and not overly expensive.

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    Ended up ordering a set of Lawrence MicroCoils - I trust their quality and have had good luck with the Keystones. I read to many bad reviews of Fender products being bad out of the box and decided against the Nocasters.

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    I have a set of Rob Cavalier's Tele pickups and absolutely love them.But since I do play with overdrive at times I had to go with noiseless pickups from Becky Wylde/Bill Lawrence.

    Cavalier Guitar & Bass Pickups

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    Seymour Duncan AlNiCo II's for the bridge. Not so 'Ice pick to the ears' trebly.
    I have a Vintage Vibe Charlie Christian humbucker sized neck pickup with AlNiCo II's, a nice tone and works well in series and parallel with the bridge. Talking of which are you going for the 4 way switch mod? I tried the 5 way mod too which had an added tone cut for the neck. Interesting addled flavour but proved to be confusing as it lay at after the bridge pickup on the lever position. I guess I could have shifted the position but I'm a bit of a luddite when it comes to electronics.

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    I have a SD Alnico II set on my tele and like them quite a lot. Really nice set of tones. Neck and both settings are particularly lovely.

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    I love the supertron pickups. Best of both ways. Tele twang but great jazz tones too.

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    As can be conjured from above I have a tele made of Warmoth body and neck. It plays well, very well, but I am bothered by what I can describe as a somewhat nasal or tinny tone on the upper strings. I have a Dimarzio Area T neck DP 417, 500 k pots and a .047 nF Cap. I initially had a .100nF cap but replaced it with the former after the bass player who I only occasionally play with thought I was getting in his way. I ask for advice/ideas as to how to bring down the treble like sound without an increase in bass potential, of which there is plenty. Thank you for input!

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    Before changing the pup I'd try a smaller value pot, 250 or 300k

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    My Warmoth Tele has the same pickup in the neck position and it stays there - as written above I'd look at the pot-value first and by the way, you can't add any more bass when you roll down the tone pot, you can only dial out the highs. Lowering the pickup under the bass strings reduces (bass) output also. Maybe you could place your amp up high, not have it sitting on the floor and loose some bass output that way. Try some light EQ, don't place the amp into a corner - there are many ways to deal with the situation.

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    dimarzio area t is a humbucking tele neck sized pup... so the 500k pot should be right...has a pretty high resistance of 7.83 k...and uses alnico II magnets...according to dimarzio, its made to be on the bright side

    try dropping the pickup down into the body ..and using pure nickel (less magnetic) strings


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    If it's a humbucker that would make the pot value (500K) right, but the cap wrong. Typical would be a .022uf for a humbucker.

    The typical setup for a single coil is 250K pot, .047uf cap.

    And why do I have to look these values up every-single-time? I want my memory back..

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    I don't know a lot about this stuff but trial and error has revealed a few things to my ears.
    Pickups with a brass(?) cover such as the Seymour Duncan STR1 and STR2 offer a more full and round sound. Some will hear that differently and perceive it as 'muffled' but for my taste it's near perfect, and the only reason I no longer use those pickups is because I need something noisless (Barden) on a regular basis. All very subjective and even more so when variables like amp, strings, pick, playing style, pots, caps etc are taken into account.

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    You might try my favorite pickup, the Duncan 5/2, which has Alnico 5 magnets on the bottom three strings and Alnico 2 on the top three, making the top three strings just a touch fatter and darker. It's a great jazz tone. If you do try it, you'll want to use 250k pots.

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    I used that pickup in a Tele with 250 K pots and an .047 cap. It was a great sounding jazz pick up. Even though it is a humbucker, it is intended as a straight drop in replacement for stock Tele pickups. I would try swapping out the pots before any other modifications or giving up on the pickup. Experimenting with pickup height can also be helpful in fine-tuning sound. I had a gorgeous, fat bell-like tone from the pickup; unfortunately, messing about with a screwdriver I managed to ruin one of the coil windings (the pickup cover doesn't fully cover both coils) and now it's a dead pick up.

    Another alternative which I am currently very enamored with is the Wilde L280TN Tele neck pickup. That has been my replacement for the Area T, as I was able to get one for much less off of eBay. I ended up buying another one from Becky and putting it in my other Telecaster and I also bought the Stratocaster version for my Strat, along with two L90s. I like the L280 as much as the Area T, maybe even a little more, but it is not traditional looking as it does not have a cover.

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    Dimarzio says it was designed for 250k pots and 22uf cap.....fake news?

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    I wouldn't concentrate too much on the recommended value for pots. Yes, in general 250 for single coil and 500 for Humbuckers, but you really have to test what works best in your guitar (if the current tone is not OK). It's not that the PUs will blow up if you use another value ;-)
    The post, caps (and cable capacitance) just influence/determine where the resonance peak of the PU will be and how pronounced it is.

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    250k pots, and tilting the pickup with the bass side farther away from the strings are good recommendations.
    One thing that hasn't been mentioned: What kind of bridge are you using? If it's a traditional three saddle type, what kind of saddles are you using? Brass will give a warmer tone, steel a brighter one, and aluminium the brightest - some people like to mix, eg. brass for D/G & B/E saddles, aluminium for low E/A.

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    Correction, correction, correction! I recalled incorrectly that I had 500k pots, untrue! They are 250k. The cap is .047 nF, as previously described. I plan to spend the next hour adjusting the pup height and see if I can even out the freq response and clang.

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    Follow up. I have spent the better part of one hour adjusting the pups. Mostly lowering them. I could have added earlier that I have a Grigsby 4 way switch. I have lowered, as I said, which has tremendously bettered, soften, and warmed the tone. This includes all four positions ei bridge and neck pup in various combination. The nasal,metalic tinnyness is gone and I am very happy with the results. I have had the guitar for several years now, and I should admit that the problems I wrote about above were self inflicted, but are now cured. I want to thank everyone who contributed to finding and narrowing down to the solution. Thank you all, and be safe!

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    The humbucker I installed in my Tele (a Vineham Telepaf) was a bit trebly for my tastes, while the bass strings seemed a bit muted. I cured it by adjusting the pickup height and the individual pole piece heights. I followed this guide:

    How to set pickup pole-piece height — Haze Guitars

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    The best replacement pick up is adjusting the one you have and discovering that it already sounds like how you want.