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    Hello fellow jazz guitarists,

    Until last year, I wasn't specially after luthier's guitars. I am mainly a Gibson guy. Then I had the opportunity to visit Daniel Slaman's workshop in The Hague (NL). There I found incredible archtops crafted by an incredible man. He is so deeply committed to the sound of prewar archtops that even a Gibson guy like me cannot resist. Got my first Slaman (inspired from the Gibson ES 250) last year.

    June's always been a GAS time for me. I know that, my wife too...

    Incidentaly, a few weeks ago, I came across another set of guitars that Daniel has crafted a couple of years ago. He calls them "contemporary instruments". Each instrument of the series is focused on a topic that Daniel has developped into an original guitar. There is one on Manhattan foundation by the Dutch, another one inspired from aborigen art, etc..

    And there is this "Jazz Verde Milonga" dedicated to the song "Verde Milonga" composed by the italian singer Paolo Conte. I've found this guitar just incredible. Also, I love Italy where I lived for a couple of years and am a big fan of Paolo Conte too.

    Now this "Jazz Verde Milonga" has reached a new home. It's an 16" 1/4 wide cutaway body, 2.5 inch side depth, 24 3/4 inch scale length. Handcarved european spruce, laminated arched flame maple back, parallel bracing, mahog neck, rosewood bridge with mammoth ivory (which is legal !).

    And this green sunburst finish....The pics were made by Daniel when the guitar was just out. The translucent lacquier has caught a nice yellowish tone since that time. I will make other pictures to deliver the new look of this babe.

    I acknowledge it's far from my Gibson basis, but who cares...

    The sound couldn't be better. She is very responsive, with a lot of dynamics and the KA humbucker delivers a nice mellow sound that counterbalances the nervous acoustic sound.

    Thanks to Daniel for crafting such beauties

    Soon a demo of her in my YT channel

    Slaman Jazz Verde Milonga-mil2big-jpgSlaman Jazz Verde Milonga-mil45-jpgSlaman Jazz Verde Milonga-p4230232-jpg



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    It's about 10 mn that I stare at these pics with my jaw dropping !
    What a beauty !
    And it must sounds at least twice as good !
    Congrats on such a nice NGD
    Champagne !
    Play it in good health for the many years to come !

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    Classy ! Congrats !

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    Congratulations. Stunningly beautiful, unique instrument !.

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    What a wonderful looking guitar! Good luck with it. Enjoy! Bob

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    I have almost had it with you guys! I finally get a really good looking guitar, and you guys keep showing beautiful works of art like this gorgeous creature. Fred, congrats, play it with the pride I know you already feel for her. Stunning....simply stunning.

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    OMG !!! I love that. Salmon really makes an incredible guitar. That guitar makes me want to still have a regular gig. Congrats on such a beautiful acquisition.

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    Congrats Fred Archtop,

    That is stunningly beautiful - I love it. Can't wait for the videos!


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    Ooh, that is awesome!


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    That's just unfair. How could one resist...

    Makes me feel good a player of your calibur still suffers from GAS

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    That guitar says JAZZ loudly and proudly. There should be more green archtops.

    Classy guitar!

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    Dear jazz guitarists,

    Thanks for sharing my enthousiastic mood. I appreciate also you understand my GAS attack...

    More pics of the green lady. The keyboard, tailpiece andheadstock are a true work of art.

    Slaman Jazz Verde Milonga-p4230112-jpgSlaman Jazz Verde Milonga-p4230128-jpgSlaman Jazz Verde Milonga-p4230048-jpgSlaman Jazz Verde Milonga-p4230033-jpg


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    Way cool guitar - congrats!

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    Piano key inlays really seal the deal!

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    Daniel is a true artist. IMO he is the top archtop builder in the world right now. Congrats Fred !

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    Link to recent Slaman Guitars concert in the Hague, if anyone's interested. With Axel Hagan (NL) and Adrian Ingram (UK), a couple of pretty good players, and featuring Daniel's CC guitars.

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    Here is a demo of my new Slaman. This is just an incredible archtop. It's by far the richest archtop I own in terms of acoustic sound; Each note is full of harmonics. I've tried to cature her tone by recording both acoustically and through the amp.

    The light was just awful in this late evening and the shooting doesn't restitute the beauty of the sunburst. Anyway, you can still hear her sound, as much as YT allows to hear details.


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    That's gorgeous Fred Archtop - both the guitar and the playing. I love the mix of amp and acoustic sound in the recording. You da man!

    Just for kicks you should do just an acoustic recording too.

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    That is a luscious-looking instrument. Congratulations, and play it in good health!

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    This NGD post was such a unique instrument with remarkable woody voice, I occasionally think of it and have to google "verde jazz piano inlay" under images to come back to this page!

    How's it sounding after a few years, Fred??

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbeishline
    This NGD post was such a unique instrument with remarkable woody voice, I occasionally think of it and have to google "verde jazz piano inlay" under images to come back to this page!

    How's it sounding after a few years, Fred??
    It's a great instrument with a truly unique woody sound. Quite small, 16 inches wide, but extremely resonant. I did another video some time ago where I used the amplified sound only. The K. Armstrong humbucker is divine.


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    Great guitar and playing. Congratulations!