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    Try to think of Music as if it were a gigantic mountain, much bigger than Mount Everest, so big that in reality no one has ever managed to reach its summit.
    To climb this enormous mountain it is possible to follow all types of paths.
    Some of these paths have a slight slope and can also be used by those who do not have much physical strength.....but obviously the climb to the summit will be very slow.
    Other people who are stronger and more confident in their abilities will be able to follow much steeper and faster paths but will probably run out of physical and mental energy after a short time.

    However, during their journey, everyone will have learned to love and respect this Music Mountain.
    The important thing is to understand that to climb this mountain there are infinite different paths but all beautiful and fascinating. Obviously the most popular paths are those of scales, intervals, solfeggio, arpeggios and transcriptions.
    But other paths are different and although they do not pass through scales, harmony, intervals and exercises, they allow you to climb towards the summit in other ways. On these paths you often find people coming from remote places on earth who have no way of dealing with Western music but despite this they manage to rise very high.

    Here, this is Music for me: the largest and most beautiful Mountain on our very small planet.

    I apologize for the translation made with Google Transalator.


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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    What a beautiful and evocative metaphor! Thank you very much.

    Your description reminded me of the book by Marco Pallis, “The Way and the Mountain.”

    As for me, I’m camping out on a little plateau and having fun!

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    First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is.

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    Billy was a mountain, and Ethel was a tree growing on his shoulder...

    Oh, wait. Yes, music is a mountain. I have been working on the foothills for quite awhile. Hope to make Everest base camp before I die.