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    Just uploaded this from my video collection, here is Julian Bream playing eight pieces by John Dowland on the lute. This was recorded from a TV programme in 1987. Only a couple of these performances have been available on youtube previously, as far as I know.

    All the relevant details are given in the description on youtube.


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    I haven't got time to listen now, but I look forward to it. Do you mind if I share it on a classical-guitar forum?

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    Rob, ok by me. Someone has already put it on the Delcamp forum by the way.

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    wonderful...i had just been listening to dowland earlier today!

    the sound is a bit wonky...or the intonation!..but...beggars can't be choosers..hah


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    I had to remove some hiss from the original audio on the video, it was recorded on a mono VHS recorder so fairly lo-fi. But apart from that, it sounds reasonably ok to me. You do of course get a slight ‘detuned’ effect from some of the pairs of lute courses, like a 12-string guitar. I believe that is not unusual, I think you can hear it on Bream’s lute records at least.
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    Bream appears to be playing a 10-course lute, so 19 strings to worry about! (although for Dowland, I doubt he needs all of them.)

    Julian Bream plays Dowland (1987)-b6f32e66-836e-4af0-b0a9-d5997b75b388-jpg

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    Yeah 7 is fine IIRC

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    Well, the lute changed a lot during Dowland's time, as did the playing technique. He wrote for 6, 7, 8 and 9c lutes, and his technique changed from thumb in to thumb out - the latter closer to guitar technique.

    But most of the best repertoire is for 7 courses.

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    Thanks for this explanation, Rob . Watching this interesting video, I wondered how Juian Bream used (or not) the bass strings.

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    This article has some details of the lute. Apparently Bream wanted the ability to play a wider repertoire so he commissioned a 10-course lute from luthier Luc Breton.

    I love his use of the term ‘the authentic music racket’!

    (I think you can scroll down and read the whole article even though it talks about subscribing, I was able to read it all).


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    Seeing the title only I thought you misspelled download its beautiful...

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    John, brilliant.

    If he was around today I expect he would become a youtuber and adopt that name!

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    Julian Bream at Download? Imagine the mosh pit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by christianm77
    Julian Bream at Download? Imagine the mosh pit!
    Julian Bream plays Dowland (1987)-95e1f5ce-e8c9-400d-acbd-6dfa8d9975c4-jpg

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    Bream was featured on the last page of last week's The Economist (the last page is always about a person that died).

    Nice tribute about this very talented Brit.