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    I thought to use my previous experiment as a guide for determining the shape of the bits and pieces but the geometry was all wrong for the size of instrument. I took a POS nylon guitar I picked up for $30, did not want it but did want to get the almost new case that came with it.

    Did a California neck reset on it, removed the metal bracket that held the saddle in the bridge and filled the gap with wood to hold a saddle. Chopped the body, removed about a third from the bottom back braces. The top had no braces under the transverse brace below the sound hole other than a bridge plate. Strung up with steel strings and it actually does not sound too bad (for what it is). Now if it had a radiused fretboard, a little greater angle from the neck reset and a longer scale length I would probably not have bothered to build the current project at this time. Now that I have a decent sized guitar body with pleasing angles I could make some templates in order to make a guitar with the same geometry. This one will be all spruce, the next one may be with a hardwood back and neck. This one was to be a quick build so I could practice over the winter. My, where has the time gone? Although I did start the Dread and made some guitar cabinets along the way.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Printer, my compadre, never give up. You're onto something good here-- pursue it.