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    From the self-titled album, following the much more well known Tricotism, is Edge of Love. I find this tune really interesting with its exotic feel with the french horn on the A sections and a swung bridge for Oscar's solo. And that's it, short song but a nice piece with a unique sound. Does anyone here play this tune? The only other take I could find was a Thad Jones vocal arrangement recorded two years after Oscar's version was released so I guess it has never been commonly called. If anyone knows of other recordings of it I'd love to hear them.

    Also of note, Wikipedia attributes this song to Harold Baker, Richard Ables, & Mort Goode whereas the other tunes are attributed solely to Oscar. Is that actually accurate? It could be referring to Shorty Baker but I'm not familiar with the other names.


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    The label on the actual record gives the same credit, according to this image on the Discogs website.

    Oscar Pettiford - Edge of Love-img_1225-jpeg

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    That's really interesting. Googling that combination of names doesn't return much, with the only thing relevant being this specific song.

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    Discogs has some info on Morte Goode:

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