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    Hey guys, here's a cover of George Benson's amazing solo on Freddie Hubbard's Alternate take of Red Clay from the Red Clay album.

    It's got a ton of great licks and is quite challenging.

    Tabs for the lesson on my site at: Max Rich - Song Lessons


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Great lessons!

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    Thanks so much! If you want, please check out my site for more free lessons, and sign up for the weekly newsletter where I offer tips, lessons, licks, tabs and bunch of other awesome guitar material!

    Max Rich

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    So from what I remember, solo changes for "Red Clay" are just "Sunny".

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    First 4 bars of the "Sunny"

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    yep, that exactly right! It's pretty much the same, except in Red Clay there are some extensions added to the chords and also theres a final ii-V that turns the progression around whereas in Sunny a lot of people just play a V chord for the last bar.

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    Hey Max! Thanks for investing the effort to record such an iconic recording as Red Clay. CTI records lives. Your timing is fabulous. Great stuff!

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    thanks so much!