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    ....Gary Burton's version on Dreams So Real has always been a favorite.

    Whatever chord chart ( backing track ? ) anyone may have is appreciated.....

    Hopefully I'm not in too far over my head.....



    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Try going to her (and Steve Swallow's) website: wattxtrawatt.com
    There are leadsheets for a lot of her tunes available there. I haven't been there for a while but it was set up as a bit of a game or puzzle so you have to play with it to find your way around. I think you have to go to the Warden's Office before visiting Carla's cell.

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    ^ yeah carla bleys website is as ingenius as her music!

    a true great!


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    One of the best websites I've ever seen. Thanks for mentioning it!

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    carla's daughter, karen mantler put the site together...she's a musical artist in her own right

    here she is on vocals and harmonica with robert wyatt doing jobim's- insensatez

    wyatt has been close with carla since his soft machine touring days!


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    Wonderful. I must listen to more Wyatt.

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    from first wyatt solo lp

    to carla, marsha & caroline...i.e. bley, hunt and coons

    (notice terry gilliam/monty python type lp artwork!)