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    I've seen videos on youtube of Lloyd playing this beautiful tune with both players, and was wondering if any of y'all knew it's name?





    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    The Charles Lloyd Quartet - Love-In | Releases | Discogs

    .....Just reminded me of this and others by Charles Lloyd back in the day..

    Here they play the Fillmore.......with Keith Jarrett !......the opening act for the Paul Butterfield Blues Band......

    Butterfield Blues Band and the Charles Lloyd Quartet at Fillmore Auditorium | Paul Butterfield Butterfield Blues Band, Charles Lloyd Quartet

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    To be honest, in order to help with this, I went to Spotify where, as you know, they list all the Charles Lloyd albums and all the songs. I thought this'll be easy because the tune is fairly easy to spot. After his quite long intros, that is!

    The trouble was that a lot of his tunes sound very similar. Some you can obviously rule out quickly because they're obviously not this one, but it was taking far tool long to plough through them all. So I had to give up.

    It's probably a case of waiting till someone actually knows what this tune is. It occurred to me it might be a new tune that was recently written although, to me, it sounds like a very old one. Even Hawaiian, maybe. Smooch music, I remember it only too well :-)

    It might also be possible to get in touch Charles Lloyd, Bill Frisell or Julian Lage directly.

    Or you could do it by ear, or ask someone else do it. It's a very simple tune. But you still wouldn't know what it was called... :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patlotch
    It's true. He has a great talent for composing beautiful melodies, especially in ballads, but they are a little similar. It may be a quality, if they are different from those of others

    I have this record, there are real gems, but the theme whose name we're looking for reminded me

    all compositions are by LLoyd. Pocket Full of Blues is my favorite,superb

    it's hard to find on Youtube

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    It's slightly irritating because that tune seems so familiar. That I to ii shift is so distinctive.

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    I think that's what's so clever about it. Really simple tunes but made genuinely jazzy. He's no pretender.

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    Sorry. Sounds like after hours Holiday Inn lounge music. The last time I saw Lloyd live was in the 70's at Joe Segal's Jazz Showcase in Chicago. He was playing in a battle of the saxes with monster tenor player, James Moody. Oh, well. Also featured was vocalist Eddie Jefferson doing his classic tunes: "Bennies from Heaven" and "Moody's Mood for Love" with Moody's burning tenor/flute. Ah, the memories . . . Beam me back, Scotty . . . good playing, Marinero

    Here's James on alto sax with the RIAS big band in the Jazz classic "I Can't Get Started." R.I.P. brother . . . the great voices are all dying.

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    lloyd is 81 years old!!! cut him some slack..he's not blowin like he did!... who could!!!..he blew like trane early on...

    i'm a huge fan!!...from chico hamilton days till now..cut many great albums...and was a real modernist...took the spiritual aspect of trane and went with it...70's and 80's were down time for him..but he reemerged with ecm label in 90's and has cut many brilliant recordings since...his work with late great john abercrombie was stellar!!

    a treasure...

    the first marvels lp with frisell and leisz is great..i like the 2nd with lucinda williams much less...but...

    his latest band is the kindered spirits with lage...


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    If Voice in the Night sounds like Holiday Inn music, please let me know which one, so I can book a weekend trip.

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    Mr Beaumont is being very gentle. His social skills far outweigh mine. There's no doubt I'm pretty clumsy in that department.

    This is Holiday Inn music? No, it's not, it's jazz and nicely played. The guitar on this isn't very clever but the sax is great; the man's a player, no question. I may not take this tune to my desert island but there's no doubting its authenticity. Dreamy or not

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    no, this is Holiday Inn music...courtesy of Murph and the Magictones…

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    Geez, Guys,
    No personal opinions allowed? Charles Lloyd's age has nothing to do with my comment. I've heard Lloyd many times live in Chicago and his sound was always thin/weak and his improvisations were not my cup of tea--well, coffee in my case. Lloyd's sound was described as "East Coast" in the early days which differed greatly from the fist in your face Chicago tenor players: Gene Ammons, Von Freeman, Fred Anderson, Roscoe Mitchell, Johnny Griffin, Clifford Jordan and Bud Freeman, to name a few. Moody shredded Lloyd on the stage that night and Lloyd knew he was out of his league and graciously and sheepishly(in my opinion) smiled at the end of Moody's first solo. Look guys, it's not disrespect to say that I don't like the way a saxophonist plays. It's just an opinion based on my tastes as a former saxophonist who gigged for many years in Chicago Rand B clubs and grew up in the smash-mouth Chicago saxophone style. And, in regards to the Holiday Inn circuit, I once auditioned for RP's(now deceased) popular 10 piece big band band for a sax opening in the 70's which paid much better than my R and B gigs but couldn't stand the music--watered down standards, pop hits and an obnoxious vocalist. Well, I'm not comparing Lloyd to that but the featured music of his did nothing for me and I hit the stop button within seconds. So, when words fail, let's talk music. Here's Johnny Griffin . . . I guess I just like it dirty. Good playing . . . Marinero

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    Well, I ain't ever gonna argue with some Johnny Griffin.

    Opinions are always fine, I just think the "Holiday Inn" music description of Lloyd's sound of the last decade or so is way off...especially any of the stuff with the late great Billy Higgins on drums. That ain't a band sleepwalking through standards. Trust me, I know all about sleepwalking through standards

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    Quote Originally Posted by wintermoon
    no, this is Holiday Inn music...courtesy of Murph and the Magictones…

    That's great, W! There were, however, some very HI good bands in Miami during those same years: Salsa, R&B, and Jazz Standards. It depended on the area. Love the Blues Brothers! Good playing . . . Marinero