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    G'day all,
    I want to work on timing on my Guitar playing.I find I'm speeding up a lot ,especially when I get to a chorus or a middle 8.
    I have a Zoom MRT-3B drum machine that has a metronome facility in it but it says that I need to have some sort of MIDI keyboard device to access it.
    What would I need to buy, so I can access the metronome on the drum machine ?
    Thanks folks ...


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    If you have a smartphone, it would be easier to download a metronome app such as Soundbrenner, which is quite good (and free).

    If you don’t have a smartphone, I’d have thought it would be cheaper to just buy a small electronic metronome (I have one of those too!).

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    You could also make it it super easy and get the Drum Genius app on your smart device.

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    You don't have to buy anything, here's a web metronome.

    google metronome - Google Search

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    Oh, he asked a specific question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emanresu
    Oh, he asked a specific question.
    Yes, but it seems an extremely complicated way to get a metronome, so better solutions were being offered.

    Actually I used to have a very similar Zoom drum machine and you could assign sounds to a pad. Looking at the manual for the OP’s machine, it looks as if you could just assign a metronome click to a pad and put in a beat at any tempo you like. It’s on page 28. The instrument list (page 55) suggests you would input category 7, instrument 7 for this. Can’t see why a MIDI keyboard is needed to do this.

    Here’s the manual:

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    Thanks for your responses pardners,
    A couple of things I should say ... I don't have a smart phone ..there is no computer in the Music room and I have a small electronic metronome.Trouble is,it's just not loud enough and my hearing is not the best these days.I turn the volume off on the Epiphone archtop and I just can't hear the metronome.
    So,I put the drum machine through a small amp and volume is ample.
    Grahambop has suggested a closer inspection of the manual ,best do some closer reading of the fine print .
    Thanks again.

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    I think the only reason someone would need/want to connect a midi controller, would be if they were doing some serious finger drumming, and using the zoom in part as a sound module. The zoom does not have many pads, and maybe the pads are limited in their touch response.

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    Another option might be to get an electronic metronome with an output (mine has one) and feed that into your amp, as you have been doing with the drum machine.