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    Quote Originally Posted by TedBPhx
    I would think BlueTooth has too much lag to be useful as a tuner.
    The Apt-X “low latency” codec has about 40 msec latency, which should be fine. The problem with most legacy BT devices is that both transmitter and receiver have to be using the same codec, or the BT connection defaults to laggy SBC. So you have to get compatible sensor and receiver.

    The lowest level BT used to be the SBC codec, but they upped the ante to a new LC3 “low energy” codec with 10 msec latency sometime in 2020 and devices with the new firmware will probably come to market soon. But Korg now has a wireless tuner that connects sensor to tuner with its own 2.4 WiFi signal. I haven’t seen one yet, but they look cool.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Been using 'PitchLab Pro' for years with no complaints. Has several different tuning types including a strobe.

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    GuitarTuna: Guitar,Tuner,Chord - Apps on Google Play

    I use this one called GuitarTuna. Seems to work very well most of time!

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    Please check my app

    Maui Tuner - Apps on Google Play

    Free, no adds, Great Accuracy

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    No bells or whistles but I use Guitar Tuner” on Iphone. It also has alternate/open tunings. I have pretty good pitch and use my ear balls.

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    Been using PitchLab Pro for years and like it a lot - several different modes from simply 'tune up/down' to a couple different strobes. I've even used it for pedal steel. No complaints - it does what it's supposed to and it's free although you can buy an upgraded version which I've never seen the need for. It's for Android - don't know about iPhone.