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    From the Ted Greene website:

    Using modern AI noise-suppression technology, we have been able to remove the talking, laughing, and general restaurant noises, allowing the recording to be focused on Ted’s guitar playing. We hope you enjoy the clarity of this new audio rendering, and forgive any errors in sound and/or video that often come with older video recordings.
    The original video recording captured part of one set, and the full last two sets of the night. We are presenting these sets as part 1, 2, and 3 of this evening in January 1993. Part 1 is available now, with the others following very soon.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Using noise-suppression is a slippery slope because you're losing information when you attempt to remove objectionable artifacts and sometimes introducing new artifacts. You often wind up with something that sounds processed or artificial. So, while I applaud the effort and likely hours of dedicated work that went into this, I'm not sure it makes it better.

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    I compared it to the original. This may not be perfect, but how could that be expected anyway. The background noise in the original is very high, so high it’s largely unlistenable. This sounds like a distinct improvement IMO.

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    Given the relatively finite amount of Ted Greene's recorded material that still exists, I think this is beneficial. Even if it's not 100% accurate studio-quality pristine flawless. Hey, it's listenable. That's a plus.

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    Ain't perfect but wow, what an amazing opportunity to see Ted in action.

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    Excellent improvement in the sound!

    Nice to be able to at least hear the notes and chords Ted is playing. Thanks for posting this and to whoever worked on the sound. The tone is clearly altered a bit by this process, but still sounds pretty good.

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    I’d never seen or heard this performance ….
    Such absolute beauty in harmony

    thankyou soooo much