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    Simply a masterpiece. Getz responding extemporaneously to Eddie Sauter's exciting string charts. A perfect marriage of jazz and classical.

    And dig Roy Haynes on I'm Late (track 1)...


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    Brilliant session. I gave my Dad a copy back in the '90s but never got if for myself. Time to correct that.

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    joelf Guest
    Stan's mother died shortly before the date, so he wasn't there live with the strings. He later listened and overdubbed his parts. This gave him an advantage over sight-reading his parts live. He possibly got the chance to listen repeatedly before playing with the recorded strings. His great ears were no small help. Roy Haynes was added to the 1st tune after Getz suggested that I'm Late could've used more rhythmic impetus.

    (The above was culled from Gary Burton's autobiography, Learning to Listen. Burton was in Stan Getz's group for 3 years, partly contemporaneous with the Focus session)...