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    Edit: lapsteel, pedal steel, or anykind of those related devices, dont know the exact names, but not "spanish like" guitar with slide.

    Hi, if theres any other topic of this sorry and would be glad to read it, but didnt found it.

    Name some lapsteel players to listen, if possibly saying what kind of style they make.

    Im more interested in players that made some more diverse style, more rock-ish, more risk, but wanting to listen the classics too.

    Anything is well recieve and grateful.
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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Not lap steel, but on pedal steel, check out Will Van Horn's recent EP 'Pedal Steel Guitar'. Trio arrangements of songs by Z-ro, Aphex Twin, Bjork, Squarepusher and Mulatu Astatke. I love it. It's on Bandcamp on Spotify. He also turns up on Khruangbin's albums (one of my favourite current bands).

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    Will Van Horn covering Britney!

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    Jonny Lam is a great lap and pedal steel player in NYC. I found him through his playing with the band Honeyfingers.

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    Freddie Roulette blues

    Tom Morrell western swing

    Cindy Cash Dollar played with Asleep at the Wheel, now with Wayne Hancock (I think)

    Mike Neer Steelonious Monk project jazz

    Jerry Byrd classic country and Hawaiian

    Junion Brown neo-traditional country

    Ben Harper blues and roots

    David Lindley rock

    Sonny Rhodes blues

    Greg Leisz frequently plays with Bill Frisell

    Great list
    of recommendations at Brad's Page of Steel

    The famous Berklee guitar instructor William Leavitt started on lap steel guitar and developed a distinctive tuning optimized for jazz. Mark Ihde has recorded jazz CDs in this tuning. They may be hard to find as Ihde is reportedly in poor health.

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    Thanks all for reply, and thanks again.

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    Kevin Barry’s great on lap steel. He often plays with Duke Levine. Duke usually plays Telecaster, but plays a mean lap steel as well.
    Great solos by both here:

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    Greg Leisz is in a league of his own.

    I'm liking Chris Scruggs for carrying on traditional honky tonk/western swing.

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    Old and departed, if you're looking for that, include Herb Remington, Noel Boggs, and Leon McAuliffe. They set the standard long ago, starting on lap steels and progressing to pedal steel. Remington had a company that sold his own brand of steels. Tommy Morrell played a non-pedal steel, and I really liked his band. He's sadly gone now, also. Cindy Cashdollar still plays lap steel as well as pedal, great player.

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    B.J. Cole

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    Buddy Emmons.

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    Here's a website I started several years ago. You'll find tons of videos & audio links of jazz steel players (including a few of my own).

    Two monster jazz players not yet mentioned are Doug Jernigan and Dave Easley. Also, Susan Alcorn, who frequently performs with Mary Halvorson in a more avant garde context.

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    Another Steel Guitar site:
    The Steel Guitar Hall Of Fame

    Scotty’s Music used to have a shop near St. Louis airport, an old house packed with steel guitars. He passed away in 2015 and the store is now closed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KirkP
    Scotty’s Music used to have a shop near St. Louis airport, an old house packed with steel guitars. I think it’s now closed.
    Indeed it is now closed, since Scotty passed away a few years ago. He was legendary (and my first steel teacher).

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgosnell
    Cindy Cashdollar still plays lap steel as well as pedal, great player.
    Cindy's a great non-pedal player. Don't think she plays pedal steel (except perhaps at home, if at all?)

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    I thought she used to play pedal with Asleep At The Wheel, but I could be wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgosnell
    I thought she used to play pedal with Asleep At The Wheel, but I could be wrong.
    She played a multi-neck console with no pedals.

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    Thanks all, im checking the names and websties you been mentioning.

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    I know she played with AATW, but I never bothered to look for pedals under her steel. I just assumed, which is dangerous.

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    Johnny Lam and Rich Hinman

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    I've been playing pedal steel for 40 plus years but I'm hard core trad country. If it gets too far from George Jones, Ray Price and their ilk, I'm outa here. Buddy Emmons, Lloyd Green, and Dicky Overbey my heros. Built an 8 string lap a couple years ago but wasn't smart enough to play it - needed pedals!! Recently sold my pedal steel and got out of the business due to no work and my bad back - just couldn't tote it around any more. Thinking of getting a Weissenborn or Dobro, maybe. My least favorite thing is hearing some rocker trying to play blues with a lap steel through some kind of distortion device - ugghh! Favorite lap player is my friend Ivan Reddington (look for him on You Tube) playing Hawaiian tunes - Bobby Ingano is great, too. Maybe I'm too traditional but I like the old stuff best. See if you can find a copy of Emmons' "The Black Album".

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    Buddy Emmons & Danny Gatton — Song of India, 1978 live.

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    Curley Chalker was a great steel player. Considered a C&W musician but he said that he didn't particularly care for the genre and considered himself a jazz musician. He was dubbed "the king of chords". His style could be quite different than someone like Lloyd Green who is my overall favorite straight C&W player. Chalker played on Paul Simon's The Boxer. You won't hear typical steel playing though. He played in unison with the french horn on the melodic break.

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    ok, you asked for it....

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    Ok, let's try this...

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    Or, how bout this?

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    I was afraid Pete Drake might come up. How could I forget about Speedy West? I just never listened to him much, though. Back when I was young, the only thing I heard was what was on the Opry, which we could sometimes hear, depending on atmospherics, or on popular radio. The station in Amarillo didn't play a wide eclectic selection, but it did sometimes play Pete Drake.

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    The Bill Frissel album "Nashville" has a quite good lap steel player on it.

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    Famed producer Daniel Lanois plays some of the more progressive steel guitar stuff going these days.

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    I stumbled on this during a trip down a YouTube rabbit hole:

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    I try. Here's an old Sco tune on pedal steel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmuller
    I try. Here's an old Sco tune on pedal steel.

    Very nice!

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    Here is a little sampler from my 2012 CD, "Pedal Steel Jazz":

    ... and a few recent unaccompanied arrangements: