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    Sorry I'm late -- and happy new year, all you good jazz-guitar people!

    Our standard for Jan 2020 will be Perdido (Juan Tizol, Ervin Drake, and Hans Jan Lengsfelder, 1942).

    Jazz Standards Songs and Instrumentals (Perdido)


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    That's a crowd pleaser. Even when I play it for young audiences it generates an enthusiastic response.

    Good choice. (Sorry to interfere with lessons.)
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    That's a terrific choice!

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    Bonus points for screen names matching the monthly song selection, Perdido!

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    For those who don't speak Spanish, "perdido" translates as "I'm lost." Which often is how I feel when playing jazz. Hence my user name. Great tune, though!

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    Juan Tizol may have written the best melody over "rhythm changes" since I've Got Rhythm.

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    Oh, I forgot the Tune of the Month...

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    How is Perdido, at letter A, Rhythm Changes?

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    It's not. The bridge is the rhythm changes bridge. (But you knew that.)

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    Haven't done this in a while, and I can't let Ragman get all the glory. Kinda of a pop sounding backing track. Was a fun song I didn't know.

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    Well played, Sir!

    I'm four months late, but never mind