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    We looked at These Foolish Things in Mar 2014 and at I'll Remember April in Apr 2014 and again in Jun 2016, so ...

    Our standard for May 2018 will be Cole Porter's Love for Sale (1930).

    Jazz Standards Songs and Instrumentals (Love for Sale)


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Oh, just seen this. I'd forgotten it was today. Goody. I'm aware of the song, of course, but never really looked at it musically before.

    goes off to research new tune, never played it before, very exciting


    Right, nice. I'm going to like this one. I hear extensions, which means we might be able to use some of the triad stuff on it. And blues, naturally.

    (edit #2)

    God, it's HUGE!

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    First time I've played it/Love for Sale/ about 40 years ago in duo guitar formation...:-)

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    Love this tune, the lyrics are pretty chilling but poignant .


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    Terrific, Tim. Lovely groove. Quite a party piece :-)

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    Tim may be the earliest poster ever. T minus 1.

    Loved it.

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    I love this take from 1958.

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    Great solo of Jesse van Ruller/top Europe jazz guitar/.

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    I want to play drums...:-):

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    Really nice work with this tune, inspirational. Thank you!

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    I wouldn't let it inspire you too much, it's a little OTT :-)

    But thank you

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    Curious which chart you are using - my Real Book doesn't have it (V6). I found what looks to be an earlier chart (#222).


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    May 2018 - Love for Sale-love-sale-jpg

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    Early... you must be going on your holidays... :-)

    Very good as usual, M-ster. You're one of the unsung heroes of this place and it should be recognised. No bull, no excuses, no messing, no overposting like me, just straight in and do it really well every time. And you're not a pro (as far as I know).

    Well done, Sir! When's the album coming out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by M-ster
    Very nice long jazz lines/phrases/.

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    I like this video very much...:-)

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    Stephane Belmondo is great but I prefer Chet Baker...:-)

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    End of the school year--busy!

    I don't really like the song either, tough to get motivated...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kris
    I love this take from 1958.
    What Bill Evans and Miles did in playing the tune and also Miles solo is incredible. How he modifies the tune melody slightly (not embellishments) is unbelievable, staying on Bb in second and third 'A' how can one figure this out... Also the mood is so in harmony, I mean Bill Evans and Miles.

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    i did this, and then realized that i'm a year late to the party... typical.