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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Interesting article, and it rings true that this applies outside the creative. Even in my dry world of business consulting, I remember when I became experienced enough to start "seeing" the solution to a problem or instinctively "feel" what worked rather than having to think it all through. I have always thought of this as needing to put enough hours in to rewire the brain to new patterns of thinking.

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    Article about jazz guitarists' brains

    It should be about everybody's brain, which is the human brain. Jazz players don't come from a different species. Fact is, anybody who immerses themselves in something eventually achieves a 'flow' because the brain's attuned to it through familiarity. There's nothing weird about it. It's how all of us learn the language we speak for a start. Unless you're disabled, of course.

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    Reg and others here have said these words many times on this forum..." peggios..keys..modes..songs..progressions..substit utions.."

    the descriptive language we use to describe some of the tools used in our craft and communicate to other musicians..students and casual listeners.

    Of course after several years of constant practice.."what if" experiments begin to develop..the novice may prolong such action out of fear
    of playing the "wrong note"

    Seasoned players have learned..the ear adjusts to hearing working within each others harmonic overtones..and the fear factor
    dissipates giving way for the freedom to explore in an improvisational setting. Wrong notes have now become welcome discoveries.

    my attraction to the "fusion" style allows me to experiment on the to speak..

    One aspect the article does not mention directly, the development of trust and self confidence-which work in tandem .. and gives you permission to dive deeper-
    the pearls don't come to the shore!

    So why not try a Db Lydian over each chord in the progression..something may click and make your ears smile..and theory lovers frown
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