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    Haha. Whole-tone LICK!


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I've just dug this out from my “woodshed archives”...

    I suppose this was just some messing around over two chords (one chord, really), recorded on a looper, I did some time ago (in winter 2017 or so).

    A bit of everything in there,“phrase wise”; including quartal, pentatonic, blues, whole tone, diminished h-w, licks based on the chromatic scale, inside/outside (outside: sometimes on purpose other times unintentionally),etc. etc.

    Not sure how much of it came from “singing inside my head” and how much from clichés or mechanical fingermovement. Some “singing”, although, seeing this again and looking back, I guess I was mainly trying to throw in as much as I could, lick-wise!

    Maybe, out of almost 4 minutes of soloing, there might be, here and there, some licks, melodic cells/ideas, lines or whatever, that are usable,“developable” or reworkable...

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    Great idea for a thread!

    Many nice ideas from everyone so far, and it's interesting to see others ways of thinking about licks.

    Seems like this thread has somewhat died already, but i thought i throw in a contribution of my own anyway.

    I like to think more in short ideas or concepts than licks, so here is one of my own ideas that i like using to create licks.

    The idea is quite simple: Play a chord tone then follow it with a fifth up from that chord tone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatrickWD
    Seems like this thread has somewhat died already
    It used to be a very busy thread... seems to have died after my latest post, so I thought I must have killed it with my last post, haha!!

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    Keep it going! Just been out of town and away from a guitar...busy busy.

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    OK, I have been wanting to post some licks in this thread. I hope I'm not too late to the party.

    These two licks are examples of how you can embellish a simple arpeggio + blue note.

    They are both D minor ideas. The first lick uses chromatics passing notes. I think I got it from a Mimi Fox solo. The second one uses octaves and double stops. I think it's based on an Emily Remler idea. Everything else is just D minor arpeggio and b5.

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    Here's a nice one over the G7.

    Modular lick compendium-aaaa-jpg

    From this Martino vid at about 1.20.

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    A lick I've been working on for a few days:

    This is from the first minute of a video by Jens Larsen, who I think is especially good at explaining how to come up with 'modular' lick ideas. This particular one involves a descending scale with a lower chord tone on the 1+, followed by an ascending arpeggio. I've rounded it off by adding an approach to a tone on the following chord. Here I play A7b9 to D-7 and G7 to C-7.

    Jens' original lesson

    A couple of years ago I would have watched this video and thought 'cool idea' and moved on. More recently I would watch with my guitar in hadn't and play along with each lick. Now I'm intending to spend a week or so on each of the five ideas in this video and see if I can get any of them to really sink into my playing.

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    Keep em coming, all. Im back at work after a summer off, and as I settle in I should have some free time returning in the next few weeks...I hope to contribute some more soon.

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    This is the one and only lick that, some 10 years ago, I've learned from a clip by guy with surname Hamburger (excellent player and demonstrator), never really used it, but at the time I gave it a try in couple of different contextes. Supposedly, the lick originate from Grant Green.