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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Rory is amazing. It's interesting that blind guys seem to like the guitar flat in the lap. This is the 3rd one I know of. He gets some chord stuff that really can't be played by us normal types.

    Here's something else by him, maybe a little more in line with JGF:

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    Just reading about how he ended up with the guitar oriented this way. He learned by sitting in front of a right handed player and touching his teacher's hand to feel how his fingers lay on the frets. So imagine doing that, and then just taking the guitar from the teacher and laying it in your lap. The neck's over his right thigh with the bass strings away from him. Easier for him to visualize and copy what the teacher's doing this way.

    Jeff Healey played it over his left thigh, more like a typical righty. I met another guy who played it flat in his lap but can't remember which way around. It was almost 50 years ago.

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    Rory is amazing. There's a great video of him with Clint Strong that's also well worth checking out.

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    Oh yeah, I've heard Rory's stuff--he does that Eastman JUSTICE!

    He sounds like a really cool dude as well, and yeah he can rip and still be exquisitely musical. His comping is really interesting as well!

    He plays a ton of instruments, by the way--not just geetar.

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    Dang...when there's a will, there's a way.

    Remind me never to bitch about guitar being difficult ever.

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    I don't know where I've been but until now I'd never heard of Rory Hoffman before.

    What an amazing guitarist - technically and musically!

    Thank you for posting those videos everyone!

    Steven Herron

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    Here he is with Kenny Burrell a few years ago. Not great audio quality, but it's what you get at NAMM.

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    He is great. As was Thumbs Carllile. I had the pleasure of watching and hearing Thumbs play several times at steel guitar shows around the country, usually with the late Herby Wallace on steel. Thumbs was a character. He wasn't blind, but he just took up playing guitar on his lap as a kid and never quit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccroft
    Jeff Healey played it over his left thigh, more like a typical righty.
    I was waiting for someone to mention Jeff Healey. Tremendous player.

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    Truly amazing...

    But, I've been here a number of years and watch your playing style and to my mind it's unforgettably unique.

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    take this to another level...stanley jordan....

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    Yeah he's pretty jaw dropping...