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    Quote Originally Posted by mr. beaumont
    Well, because the OP was getting at the idea of are there STILL people out there doing it...
    In that case, comments about Chuck Berry are also irrelevant as he passed away in March, 2017.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Did you read the OP?

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    Johnny Smith's head for I'll Remember April. Not hard to play, until you try to capture the feel.

    Somehow when I think of double stops I think of this guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gtrplrfla
    I cannot believe no one mentioned has the late Herb Ellis who was quite fond of double stops on the 1st and 2nd strings and bluesy ones on the 3rd and second strings !
    He sure was!
    You can hear several of his favorite double-stop phrases in his "Blues For Everyone"

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    Duke Robillard showing how to play the double stops in Freddie King's "The Stumble."

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    And here's Herb Ellis and Duke Robillard doing some double stops on a tune about a train.

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    To me the king of the double stops is Scotty Anderson. His version of Caravan at a Namm show ,some years back was outstanding. I likes what Mark said about seeing Freddie King Live. He really had that drive! He was so large that his guitar strap was on his right shoulder alone when I saw him. To me he is also known for the song Goin Down ,so well covered by the Jeff Beck Group in recording sessions and live shows in Memphis. On Amazon I saw the film Hired Guns maybe about sidemen in the world of rock and pop singers and how little job security they have except being what Alice Cooper and others call A team players. If you dont mind watching rock players ita a pretty good movie. Also saw new Wonder Women 84 and Dylans Gotta serve somebody with local hero Fred Tackett. All three were good to me. I think I liked the Hans Zimmers score to WW84 best!

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    Fred Tackett was discovered by writer Jimmy Webb who wrote McCarthur Park and Wichita Lineman and many other playing in a cover band and encouraged to move to L.A. to become a studio player and joined Little Feat. I really like his intro on Texas Twister by Little Feat! Fred did not know Jimmy was in the audience first time he heard him but I bet he is glad he had his A game on!

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    Scotty Anderson is amazing.

    Levi Clay breaks down a Scotty Anderson double-stop pattern

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    Cal Collins plays some nice double stops on the first track here - the rest of the album is also very good.

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    Really enjoyed that Cal Collins record. Listened to the whole thing. Thanks for posting!