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    So after much discussion, a purchase was made. And as these things go, the final choice was not without some compromise.

    We ended up getting her a new Eart NK-C1 Tele-copy. Regular $269.00, on sale from Amazon for $195.00. Mahogany body & flame Maple top, both bookmatched. Deep candy apple red finish. Neck & fingerboard of toasted Maple with SS frets. Sealed tuners, ceramic single-coil pickups and an overall excellent fit & finish. Not a rough edge anywhere.

    But, it's a US-based company with a factory in.. yeah, China. On the bright side, it's not Chinese owned & run.. just Chinese production labor.

    And most importantly, she is very happy with it.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Quote Originally Posted by WimWalther
    I find it amusing that a "classical" guitar requires a space-age material for some or much of its characteristic sound.

    Originally, they were gut-strung, I'm guessing?
    Correct. In this case, classical does not mean the model that they used to make, but the model that they use to make classical music on.

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