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    My 68th birthday is rapidly approaching and I'd been searching for a new acoustic to play at open mic nights. I'm fortunate to have a large collection as well as being a luthier for decades, as this is likely my last one I really wanted something special .

    This sweetheart popped up and I just could not resist. As I play violin and viola as well I"m familiar with Pernambuco bows, they are the paradigm. Occasionally I'll see a guitar neck using it .. then I saw this . Made for Bluegrass legend Ricky Skaggs it has an all Pernambuco neck/fretboard/ back and sides with a Adirondack top and an 18v PRS pickup and a clear guard. Made by Steve Fischer while he worked for PRS , he now has his own company, he uses a interesting combination of X and Fan bracing

    Pernambuco Birthday  dream-2010-prs-tonare-grand-pernambuco-adirondack-spruce-a100410-10-jpgPernambuco Birthday  dream-2010-prs-tonare-grand-pernambuco-adirondack-spruce-a100410-9-jpgPernambuco Birthday  dream-specs-jpg


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    the tag Pernambuco Birthday  dream-_33054_33054-prs-tonare-grand-addy-pernambuco-acoustic-a100410-used-187294bfd5a-c-jpg

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    A clip of Al Pettiway playing it

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    So how does she work for you, or do you actually manage to keep the wrapping on until your b'day?

    PS: For me snakewood is the "paradigm" wood for the kinds of bow I used so I was quite pleased to discover that the buttons on my Cabaret are made of that wood (after deciding against buying Enrique Medina's snakewood Dome).

    PPS: supposing you flatpick, do you think about up and down picking the same way as up and down bowing?

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    She'll arrive tommorow . Acoustically I play mostly fingerstyle . My teacher and dear friend has always impressed on me that the bow is your breath , I approach guitar the same way . Carlos Santana said back in my college days " if you want to be a better guitar player , listen to the horn players" even when picking .. the guitar is your voice

    snakewood is rather cool , don't see to much of it due to cost

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greywolf
    My teacher and dear friend has always impressed on me that the bow is your breath , I approach guitar the same way .
    Most of mine did too, and the last one (for the space of a number of summer school/masterclasses) had us work on vocal parts so intensively that even the voice students came to listen in

    I'm not a picker at all, but when I do pick one up I have this feeling that (almost) understand it better than fingerstyle...

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    As I said in the other thread, lovely guitar. A work of art, really. Simple yet elegant.

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    After a few days of playing I can easily say it's the best acoustic I've played . Deep , full and sparkly , very touch sensitive and LOUD. I can play along with a cd without plugging in , that's a first with an acoustic. Plugged in it's just a bit more delicious.

    In Open G it is just spectacular , not surprising since Tony McManus and Martin Simpson were in on the design along with Cody Kilby and Ricky

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    So then, when do we get to hear her?

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    the clip of Al Pettiway playing is of My guitar...

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    Yeah, but that one only counted when you didn't have her yet

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    My skills compared to Al's .. .I'll spare you that experience ~