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    Quote Originally Posted by AKA
    “How does Collings get away with charging a premium for this atrocious lacquer checking? I won't even get into relic vs no-relic. Even if you are into relics (I can appreciate a light relic done well), you have to admit this is terrible.”

    Perhaps because their targeted buyers are confident in Collin’s reputation of providing high quality instruments, and are willing to follow them down the dubious “relicing” path; particularly given there are no adopted standards defining legitimate versus illegitimate relicing.

    I would guess you are correct.

    While I was working at a music instrument shop, I wanted to purchase a EBMM St. Vincent. I was hoping that my employe discount would make it a decent buy. I would have to order from EBMM. I can not remember what the price was with the discount. It was still a significant amount of money for me. I had to think about it. As I was in the process of making a decision, I talked to good friend and full time tech. I said well at least it should be perfect at that price and being MM. He informed me that he had seen a number of high end MM with problems. I did not buy the guitar.

    If I am spending that much of my money, I expect the guitar as close to perfection as possible.

    If you are making and selling any guitar it should be playable, if you are making and selling high end guitars, it should have that level of concern put into it.

    That means when things go wrong, you take responsibility and sell it with a steep mark off and acknowledge the problems. Some one will buy it, and live with the flaws.

    If you want your company name to be held in high esteem, you trash the guitar.

    However, that might be a dated way of looking at things. Now days maybe people just accept low standards. Maybe it is like being in an abusive relationship. At first everything is ok-ish, but as time goes forward, things get worse. Then the abuser justifies and the abused excuses.

    I understand that we are dealing with aesthetics. That is difficult to judge. Nonetheless that Collins only confirms what I keep hearing. I have taken them off my wish list.


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    Just saw this today:

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    Quote Originally Posted by thelostboss
    Just saw this today:

    Interesting video.Not really buying that these famous old violins were antiqued when they were made.My cat does a good job of antiquing the furniture in my house and my guitars get antiqued the old fashioned way by me playing them.