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    Came across this video of Linus Eppinger playing a Trenier guitar. Given the interest here in Trenier guitars I thought I'd share it.

    What model is Linus playing here?

    Nice playing by all.



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    I don't recognize it, but it looks like a 17", and I'm assuming solid wood rather than laminate. One thing that's interesting is that the tailpiece and pickguard don't look like the usual Trenier appointments. I wonder if these are aftermarket mods for a more midcentury Gibson vibe. They're tasteful regardless.

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    tailpiece is a Stromberg copy
    nice looking axe

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    nice jacket too...

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    Well, it's a jacket. Goes well with the high-water pants. I do like the music, though.

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    Can anyone tell if the pickup is built-in or a floater? I could not see a pickup ring.


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    The guitar player has fingers like an octopus!

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    It's a floating pickup attached to the pickguard and neck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skykomishone View Post
    It's a floating pickup attached to the pickguard
    Thanks! He gets a great tone - nice blend of acoustic and electric.


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    The entire band is a tone machine!

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    pretty bernstein-y tone, imo.

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    IIRC this guitar was sold by the TFOA store in the Netherlands, about 4 or 5 years ago. It might even be an 18" model and it had a refinish, a new tailpiece (Slaman makes these) and a few other minor changes. The current pickup is a new addition (looks like a Dommenget floater) as is the bridge. I find the tone not particularly different from any other similar archtop plugged into a Fender-style tube amp.

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    From Linus, answering my inquiry regarding his guitar:

    "It's a model called Magnolia from 1991, it's 18", I got it at a vintage guitar shop in the Netherlands, but the pickguard, pickup, tuners, bridge, tailpiece and finish have been changed in the meanwhile. When I got it, it had a Johnny Smith floating pickup mounted on to the pickguard on it, which I wasn't really into, so I had a Classic 57 mounted on it, attaching it to the end of the neck with a brace. That somehow gives me the sound I want (I guess it's quite similar to Bernstein's pickup configuration on his Zeidler.)"

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    A 1991? That surprises me. I didn’t think Bryant was building guitars that long ago.