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    Quarantine jam, all the things you are. I didn't play for 3 months after the quarantine started. I was suffering from depression and really had a hard time wanting to play again but i've now been practicing for about 3 weeks. I'm starting to get my chops back but I'm still really rusty.

    Seventy seven exrubato guitar, Raezer's Edge luna amp


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Every video you’ve put up with that guitar sounds great. Even through YouTube I know exactly what that guitar sounds like. My Carvin Fatboy has the same thing going on. It’s a woody airiness to the initial attack, and the notes bloom with a kind of vowel sound. That guitar is a good one.

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    I'd love to be that Rusty! Glad your feeling better that's no joke...

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    Welcome back Jack.
    You are looking very fit and your hands haven’t missed a beat. It’s like you jumped right back on a speeding train!
    I can’t imagine not playing for 3 days let alone 3 months. I’d have to pull out Book 1 again and relearn Twinkle twinkle little star! Jack comes back and the clean 32nd notes pop right back into place.
    Stay well Jack.
    Joe D

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    Depression can be as debilitating and painful as any very serious disease. I suffer with depression every day. Many times I've wanted to play but most times lately I don't have the drive/ambition to push through. The pandemic is enough to worry about, but in my household we have an extra issue. Mrs. Boogaloo is suffering with stage 4 breast cancer and our final days together are fast approaching. It eats away at me every day, can't seem to find a moment of happiness.

    To to any and all of you, if you are depressed, seek professional help. You don't have to suffer on your own. There is help.


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    Jack's rust is better than most people's polish!

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    Thanks guys. Depression is a horrible thing to deal with for sure. I've struggled with it for almost my whole life. Recently with the quarantine, the political strife, my 94 year old dad and his wife's health issues and a host of other personal issues it's really been a struggle. I actually sold almost all my gear the last 3 months. A month ago, i was convinced I would never play again and was going to just keep the seventy seven and an acoustic guitar and just use photography as an artistic outlet but it turns out that with the quarantine, I couldn't image ever doing a photoshoot again - at least not this year and one day, I found myself struggling to play some jazz guitar again and each day, I felt more like a guitarist and less like a photographer until I realized that I could never let music go and I'm too old to split my time between two artistic fields so...jazz guitar wins out.

    Still struggling though. But maybe some better weeks ahead...

    Here's another quarantine jam...

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    You and I have had off line conversations and I TOTALLY understand you. You are a good dude.
    One thing I need to say..
    You are one of the cherished MONSTER players around here and a pillar of the forum. Your contributions have inspired me and hundreds of others here. I personally am glad to have you here. Stay healthy and engaged. You look great and your playing is as extraordinary as ever.
    All the best to you Jack. Stay strong.

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    Thanks so much Joe. I really appreciate the kind words and support. Please know that I have such respect for you as well - both as a person and a musician. I love your work and it's an inspiration to me.

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    Thats about as good as it gets right there for me! Thank You Jack. Keep killin it.

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    This has been a touching read & listen.

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    Jack we all have our own demons we must battle. That is part of the human condition. May I suggest that next time depression really hits you hard read the book of Psalms (book of love) and read Proverbs (book of wisdom) in the Old Testament. Guaranteed to help your hurting soul. As far as your playing, you could stop for a year and still wipe the floor with me. God bless Jack !