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    My big Jazz box has an A3n/A2b modded Duncan Jazz set.

    They're not going anywhere anytime soon.
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    Thinking of switching out my KA in my 371 for a Fralin Standard Humbucker. Anyone try this?

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    Maybe Im the only one sticking up for the HPAN-1...I spent a little time with my AR503 balancing the poles and pickup height and I really like the sound of this guitar. It does have a solid top but the guitar is nothing flash. Anyway - dont see a need to change over!

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    I put a Lollar Charlie Christian in Humbucker format in my AR371. Strung with La Bella 20PCMs it no longer has the brightness folks seem to dislike in these guitars. It has much more of that something we like in the Gibson...

    I owe a NGD photoset of the result.

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    Thinking of putting a Lollar CC in my AR371. Did you find there was a lot of hum?

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    I would benefit from some advice about setting my new Eastman AR371 (neck) pickup height. I mean distance from first and sixth strings. I am new to electric guitars and archtops in particular.

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    Set it to whatever height sounds best to you. Experiment with it by raising and lowering it until you get the sound you like best. There is no mandatory height, that's why they're easily adjustable through a wide range. You will get different tones at different heights, and your preferred tone is nobody else's. Once you get the height set as you ike it, you can adjust the polepieces to balance string volumes.

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    Thicker/darker closer to the strings, quieter and more acoustic tone when lowered.

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    Yes, I recognize that the stock KA sounds trebly, thin and glassy. I had that in my new 372 and disliked it. But I solved this, at least according to my ears, without changing pups. As you can see in the pic I lowered the neck pup all the way down and rolled down the tone to about 1-2. My amp has treble, mid and bass to 12 oclock. Now the sounds is wonderful and warm without losing definition. In fact, now using both pickups gives an absolutely great extra sound, slightly more electric, but definitely jazz. I did not touch the bridge pickup except for lowering tone to about 1. And this is with rounds 012, I haven't even changed to flats 013 yet, which I intend to do.

    Pickup replacement for Eastman AR371-whatsapp-image-2020-10-30-17-03-10-jpg