View Poll Results: What FLATWOUND strings do you use/prefer?

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  • D'Addario

    169 38.76%
  • D'Angelico

    1 0.23%
  • DR Strings

    7 1.61%
  • Galli

    3 0.69%
  • GHS

    13 2.98%
  • Pyramid

    16 3.67%
  • Rotosound

    5 1.15%
  • Thomastic

    222 50.92%
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    Recently started using Dogal Nightclub Flatwounds V25 on my Emerald X20.
    They are bronze flatwound on round core.
    .011 - .014 - .016w - .022 - .030 - .042
    these are super easy to play and bend.
    I like them a little better than the Galli flatwound 80/20 bronze flatwound I'd been using.
    The Dogal are pricey, so I only indulge when they're on sale.

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    Hello my jazz pals.

    Wow! This poll has been going for some time. Hopefully made some people try something else.

    Just like to say my La Bella 13 flats on the Epi Emp Reg are over 3 years old and the Squier jazz Tele has Chromes 12's that are just under 3 years old. They're just breaking in and rarely go out of tune. Ha.

    La Bella's are still feeling pliable but the Chromes have always been as stiff as rail track! You would think the chromes were 13's and the La Bella's were 12's. But thereyou go.

    It's strange but only the Chromes work on the Tele, the picato and Thomastics I had on there the G string would sound dead.

    Also for consideration would be D'Addario round wound Pure nickels in 12 and above with a wound G. A little fiddle with an amp tone stack and guitar tone control can sweep from plunk to twanng, or if you're playing loudly then PLUNK and TWANNGH. .....

    Ha ha ha.


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    My two favorites are Thomastiks and GHS. GHS aren't as flexible as Thomastiks but they have a really nice tone, especially once broken in.

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    I was using Chromes for a long time, but finally got some TI Swings (11-47) and they're perfect on my Strats. On the PE-175 I use the TI Bensons (12-53). For me personally, the TIs are miles ahead of the Chromes. Of course, that's just my opinion. But I'm just in love with the TI flats.

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    Used TI swing 13-57, sounded great but I felt their tension too low, may be I pick too hard ?
    I now use Addario and I'm happy with them

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    Surprising poll for me. I spent a long time going through flatwounds and ultimately it wasn't even close. I prefer Pyramid 12s, sometimes 11s.

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    Thomastik-Infeld, all the way. I feel they're too bright when I first string up my guitar but after a day or two, the strings lose that brightness and they start to have a great sound. They last a long time. I leave them on longer than I should between changes...but that's just a preference.

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    For a long time I just though TI’s were ridiculously gauged and stupidly expensive. A friend gifted me with a set of Benson .12s and I can admit that I was a fool for many years. Absolutely love the sound and feel of these strings. When I replace them I may step down to a lighter low E string but they’re not what you could honestly call unbalanced. They are in the usa very expensive but given the time they last and the hours I’ll get out of them I can justify the expense.

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    D'Addario ECG25, but they became outrageously expensive in Europe
    So I switched to TI JS112 instead and don't regret

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    All strings for archtops are now just so expensive. There must be a limit soon with the Brit pound being so low against Euro/Dollar

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    I have TI's flatwound swing .011 on the Humbuckers and TI's roundwound bebop .011 on the singlecoils. Soft feeling, great longlasting tone, little fret load.

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    I have been using TI112s for a long time. I have been half thinking of trying to move up to 13s, and I discovered a few days ago that I have three packets of Chrome 12s in a drawer. They have heavier basses than the TI strings, so next time I do a string change I might go back to them, if only to see how I go with the thicker basses. I suspect they will not stay on that long though - once I make a decision on the feel I think I will be getting some more TI strings of the appropriate gauge. I find they feel much nicer under my fingers regardless of thickness.

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