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    Amazon, eBay and the others can also be used by bad people for bad purposes, such as money laundering and making payments to other bad people.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Quote Originally Posted by GTRMan
    Can you tell us anythiing about the two "Solo" titled books please?
    Moot point. The books have sold.

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    I kinda expected that.

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    I remember Warren Nunes books. In fact, I still play one or two of his ideas. There were so few books available years ago, so anything helped. I loved the arpeggiated four fret ideas. Different fingerings opens up different possibilities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rpjazzguitar

    When I was with him he taught his theory about two kinds of chords, "type one and type two" and they were interchangeable..

    So, in his system I iiim Vmaj7 vim were all major type iim IV V7 and vim (double duty) were all minor type. Not sure about m7b5.
    I now have the Basic Jazz & Blues Complete Instructor. I expect I am the first to borrow it in a long time.

    This be the verse:

    “Major type chords constructed on the FIRST DEGREE of the MAJOR SCALE are also I TYPE CHORDS: Imaj7, Imaj6, Imaj9, Imaj6/9. These forms are interchangeable."

    “Major type chords constructed on the FIFTH DEGREE of the MAJOR or MINOR SCALE are V TYPE CHORDS: V7, V9, V11, V7-5, V7+5, V7+9, V7-9, V9+11, V13-9. These chords are interchangeable. These are dominant chords which demand resolution.”

    “Minor chords built on the SECOND DEGREE of the scale are II TYPE CHORDS: IIm, IIm7, IIm9, IIm11, IIm7-5. In jazz, the II TYPE CHORD functions as an alternative for the IV Chord.”

    It contains more chords than you could shake a stick at, and progressions aplenty, as well as cycles.

    Part 3, The Blues, is extensive.