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    Was wasting a few minutes looking at guitars and stuff I don't need on Reverb, a phrase in a seller's description caught my eye; "loose screw holding the pickguard but that's an easy fix". Umm yeah that's like the very definition of "easy fix", it would take very little time and effort to pick up a screwdriver and tighten the thing and there would be no need to mention it in the ad. I do appreciate the honesty in admitting something is loose, unless there's actually more to it that is not being revealed. I'm a little wary of things described as an "easy fix" anyway. But WTF; is that the one guy on the planet who doesn't own or can't borrow a screwdriver?!

    I feel certain its nobody from here and not my intent to belittle or embarrass anyone, just had to get that off my chest and with any luck that will be my biggest annoyance of the day.


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    Ha! That's actually sorta funny. Seems it would more effort to type about a loose screw than to actually tighten it.

    Message him. Ask for photos of the loose screw.

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    I could be wrong, but it smells fishy to me. You buy it, receive it, the screw hole is stripped. Message seller. "oh sorry man, I didn't know it was stripped, I didn't even try to tighten it." Off the hook.

    If it were a good price for an instrument I had been looking for, I'll fix it myself if needed. But yeah, stuff like that makes me a bit concerned about what else might not be being revealed...

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    Dude I don't have a screwdriver here at the house and I need money what did you expect me to do? I can't believe this.....

    Okay, kidding about that lol. Would love to see what listing we are talking about though, sounds sketchy. I mean, matchstick, a little wood glue, and a screwdriver fixes just about any small stripped out PG screw hole. If I can fix it AND have a stew mac account can I call myself a luthier? LOL!!!

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    I actually see that quite often. I always feel like asking them, if it’s such an easy fix, why not just do it yourself?

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    "loose screw holding the pickguard but that's an easy fix"

    Is there a photo that shows the seller's hand on the pickguard? - because it sounds like that's the "loose screw" referenced. I doubt it's an easy fix though.....

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    the seller has a screw loose, not just on the guitar

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    The vendor wants you to believe he is an honest man. The guitar has a small problem, which others might not mention, but he has disclosed it to you.

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    One of my favorite descriptions is “looks to be in excellent condition, not tested”
    Which translates as: “does not work but maybe some sucker will take this off my hands”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geunther
    Was wasting a few minutes looking at guitars and stuff I don't need on Reverb, a phrase in a seller's description caught my eye; "loose screw holding the pickguard but that's an easy fix".
    Did he omit the indefinite or definite article or write "a loose screw" or "the loose screw"?
    When in doubt, assume the phrase literally... if "a screw" then it is likely an issue with one of the multiple screws, but if "the screw" maybe he is indicating that the pick guard is currently held by only one single loose screw, and it is an easy fix if you supply the rest of the screws and address the problem with the loose one.

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    Lots of speculation, and some funny remarks too. Geunther, would you provide us with a link to the Reverb listing? I would love to take a look at the photos to help figure out where the loose screw might be. And I'd like to see the seller's photo to see if wintermoon is correct . Thanks.

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    I see a lot of "missing part X, which is like ten bucks..." nonsense. Just buy the damned part and install it yourself, and add the $10 to price already.

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    Here's another one. "I don't have any speakers to test it with, but the amp should work perfectly."

    Talk about CYA.

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    Easy fix, don't buy it.

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    As long as we are ranting on reverb, how about how every guitar made in japan in the 70s is now a lawsuit guitar.
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