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    ... something you hate happened, you think that's a nice one to kick of this thread, and by the time you remember you wanted to create it you cannot even recall what the thing was about?

    "Don't you hate it when ..." was one of the fun threads on the forum where I am no more, and I thought I'd see if it gets a comparable success here.

    If not that'll just give me a recurrent inspiration to keep the thread alive on my own


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    ... when it's that time of year again and everybody and their dog start posting the same lame old xmas tunes?

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    ^^We used to play a Christmas gig every year, not this year sadly, as our pianist/scheduler has a conflict.

    There are about 3 “Christmas songs” I enjoy playing, the rest I hate, but what can you do?

    Christmas waltz…
    Christmastime is here…
    Baby it’s cold outside…

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    Maybe playing them is different, at least you can keep your attention away from the lyrics. Worked like that for me with cantatas, too - but those usually don't have that ooey-gooey
    compulsory feel-good sauce and feel.

    The couple of pieces from Marc-Antoine Charpentier's Noel pour les Instruments that I know (because played) are quite nice. Good music, firstly, and not played to death in countless tasteless interpretations and applications.